Countdown: 15 Days ! / Sneak Preview: Next Weekend !

We are now just 15 days away from the official Grand Opening of this blog, and starting next weekend (right after Thanksgiving here in the U.S.) regular blog entries will begin on here. My MySpace blog will be duplicated on here during the week leading up to the official Grand Opening on Saturday December 01ST 2007. On that specific date this blog right here becomes exclusive !

Be sure to catch the excitement from the very beginning – starting next weekend !

Countdown: 40 Days !

The number ’40’ is very significant in ‘The Good News’, and it is very significant in my own Life as of late.

All of this Goodness arrived during my 40TH year on this great Earth (leading up to my official 40TH birthday). This past Sunday was my 40TH Sunday morning at Life Pointe Church.

40 DAYS from now something MASSIVE will begin:  This Blog !

Be sure to be there from the very beginning.