Funny Restaurant Name Files

I’m giving a free plug to a Chinese Restaurant just up the road in Cutler Bay Florida because of its hilarious name alone that instantly made me crack-up severely.

Mixed in with my bundle of junk mail today was a full-colour full-page advertisement for the (get ready for this one) ‘Takee Outee’ restaurant. I am not making this up !

Click on this hyperlink for actual proof:

Coming This Week To A Blog Near You !

1.  The Fortune Cookie Message Of The Week Club – I am absolutely determined to eat Lunch this week at either Panda Express, Peking House, or China Garden. It’s been a long 6 weeks since I last made a LIVE lunchtime appearance at one of these fine dining establishments, and club members worldwide are getting restless !

2.  Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts – I really have no clue what 10 miscellaneous items I plan to blog about until I actually sit down at my computer on Tuesday night to do so. It’s that spontaneous !

3.  The Road Rage Files – Chapter 14 – You know it’s going to happen. Someone is going to annoy me so much that I’ll just have to rant and rave about it in a multi-paragraph blog entry. After all I live in Homestead Florida, and bad drivers surround me at all times !

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