Road To The White House

I just spent the past 90 minutes tonight with Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney – my two favourite Republican presidential nominees. It was on C-SPAN and their “Road To The White House” series. Mike spoke from New Hampshire, and Mitt did a Town Hall Meeting from Cedar Rapids Iowa. It was good positive dialogue from both nominees with their respective supporters.

I don’t make it a habit of watching C-SPAN, but as the new year approaches – a year in which we will make what will be our most important decision in a generation to elect a new President Of The United States – it will be wise of me to tune in to the cable network to learn where each of the nominees of my political party stand on the various issues that are most important to me. I would rather see and hear where each of them stand in their own words at their various campaign stops rather than via one or two minute sound bites from the other networks.

Life Pointe Church Sunday Morning Tossed Salad

1.  We had ‘Logistical’ problems with the new L-shaped layout of the Information & Sales tables this morning, so we won’t be doing it that way next Sunday morning. I came up with an entirely different idea for the two tables as well as the GIANT Information Booth itself, I allowed Pastor Paul to take credit for it, we discussed it with Anne, and it’s a ‘GO’ for next week. It should look wonderful for next Sunday morning !

2.  Terry has a new Kodak camera, but she doesn’t quite know how to effectively use it yet. Two words: ‘Owner’s Manual’.  Come back next Sunday morning ready to take 100 pictures.

3.  Nancy brought in an old photo album of pictures taken back during the Summer Of 1993 featuring the old Homestead Church Of God crew. It was fun to see how Pastor J.T., Anne, Travis, Phil, Bill, Arlene, and Nancy looked over 14 years ago.

4.  For the first time since Sunday October 14TH Pastor Travis gave the teaching in a Sunday morning service that was attended by me. Back on that Sunday Travis had a weak voice, but on this Sunday his voice was strong and the words of his message were powerful. Words matter. They determine our direction in Life. Our words should always be congruent with our confession of faith in Jesus Christ. Our words can shape nations, but they can also shatter hopes and dreams. We must always choose our words wisely. Others are always listening. They should be able to easily hear God in our words and see God in our actions.

5.  What’s more beautiful to my ears than the sounds of over 100 of us singing loudly and proudly to the joyful music led by Jesse, Reina, and the band during Praise & Worship ?