NFL Game Of The Week

I finally found a show on Ion Television that I enjoyed watching. It’s NFL Game Of The Week, and it’s presented by NFL Films and its President Steve Sabol.

It’s on Saturday nights from 6 PM to 7 PM (Eastern), and this week it featured the San Diego Chargers / Jacksonville Jaguars game during the first half of the show, and the Washington Redskins / Dallas Cowboys game (that I attended) during the second half.

It was cool to see the game in person last Sunday afternoon at Texas Stadium, and it was also cool to see how NFL Films encapsulated the highlights of the game on film in its traditional award-winning way.

Telemarketer Of The Day Hit List

513-531-3690  CINCINNATI OHIO

I got a call from them this afternoon, and the joke is on them. I don’t answer my telephone to anyone whose name doesn’t clearly display on my Caller-ID, and even if the name does display but it is unknown to me then I don’t answer it then either. I answer my telephone to friends – not salespeople. I watch commercials on television. I don’t need them on my telephone.

Apparently I’m not alone. Check out this long list of complaints regarding calls from this specific telephone number.