Life Pointe Church Sunday Morning Tossed Salad

1.  I was the first person to arrive at the movie theatre this morning. I beat both Pastor Paul and Anne J. by a long-shot. The ‘rock’ in ‘CHURCH ROCKS !‘ was already connected and playing its 3RD song in the main lobby once the other two early-birds finally arrived.

2.  Two Names – Lesia & Evelin – They are the names behind two VIPs at Life Pointe Church. They are the ones that are working diligently behind the scenes (behind the curtains) to prepare the Starbucks Coffee that is served at our Café every Sunday morning. Without them we would have a lot of sleepwalkers roaming the hallway.

3.  It was the final week of the ‘Simply Jesus’ message series this week. It’s hard to believe that we kicked-off this message series on our record-breaking Easter Sunday morning over a month ago. Pastor Travis hit a home run and brought it all home this morning as he explained ‘What Makes Jesus Superiour To Other Saviours’. God commanded that the baby born to Mary be named ‘Jesus’ which means ‘God saves His people from their sins.’ Jesus is a global Saviour who is sufficient for all people, all races, and all nations. Christianity is exclusive in that there is only one God. It is inclusive in that Jesus is the Saviour who invites all people everywhere to be saved by Him. If Scripture is true then we must be absolutely clear on this most important spiritual issue – that there is only one way to God.

4.  I don’t usually report on Teardown because I don’t usually stick around for it, but on this Sunday morning I did just that. It all went so smoothly, and one of our loyal and faithful members Dan B. created this really nice wooden storage unit that has totally organized and simplified the Teardown (as well as the Setup) process. With a large bulk of our portable church materiel centrally located within one convenient unit it makes everything so much simpler than ever before. The only downside to this high-quality wooden storage unit is that when everything is in there it weighs several hundred pounds, and a 165-pound weakling (such as myself or Jesse) can’t push or pull this thing by ourselves.

5.  Following Teardown about 20 of us eventually gathered over at my longtime favourite Chinese Restaurant in Homestead – Peking House. Being a regular of the joint it was so cool to hang out with a whole bunch of my friends at a place where all of the employees know me by name and preferences. The next time I go there on my own for Lunch I’ll be given the royal V.I.P. treatment !

… And that’s how I rolled from 7 AM to 2 PM on this glorious Sunday on God’s fantastic journey !

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