Chernobyl Diaries

I saw “Chernobyl Diaries” at the movie theatre this afternoon. Anyone who knows me knows that there are two types of movies that I love – hilarious gutbusting laugh-out-loud screwball comedies – and horrifying bonechilling suspenseful thrillers. Yesterday I saw the long-awaited sequel to the instant cult classic “Piranha 3D” – “Piranha 3DD”. That flick qualifies for both types of movies that I love. It was hilarious and horrifying. It’s also a box office disaster. It played in a mere 86 theatres over the weekend (compared with 3,000+ for the typical movie), and it made less than $0.2 million. In 2010 the original movie made nearly 60 times that amount in wide release.

But back to “Chernobyl Diaries”. This movie made me shake and shiver all over. It frightened me to bits. It’s perhaps the scariest movie I have ever seen in my entire life. (Then again I have medium-term memory loss.) I also get scared quite easily. Any movie that keeps my eyes popped and glued to the big screen is a great movie. This one did so with an extremely limited budget – barely $1.0 million. Apparently I’m not alone. The movie is a modest success. It’s made nearly $15 million so far. It’s my kind of movie !  [A+]

I’m on track to shatter my all-time personal record for seeing movies in a movie theatre in a single year. 2003 is the benchmark thus far having seen 30 movies that year – 14 of them by the first weekend of June. “Chernobyl Diaries” was my 15TH movie of this year, and “Piranha 3DD” doesn’t even count because I didn’t see it in a movie theatre. I saw it at home on AT&T U-Verse On Demand. Keep in touch with my blog. I’ll review future movies that I see.

By Chris M. Day

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