My 51ST Birthday


This past Tuesday June 05TH was my 51ST Birthday !  I celebrated the day by taking the day off from work and taking advantage of free stuff close to home. I started at my neighborhood Denny’s where I enjoyed a free Build Your Own Grand Slam. Later in the day I saw a free movie at my neighborhood movie theatre. I saw “Life Of The Party” (starring Melissa McCarthy). Following a post-movie haircut I capped the day with a free panini and a venti mocha Frappuccino at my neighborhood Starbucks.

Two days earlier (on Sunday) my church family sang “Happy Birthday” to me, and then a group of us went out to Lunch at Red Lobster – one of my favorite restaurants. I think another group from my church family wants to take me out to Lunch this coming Sunday after service. I accept !

Yesterday (Wednesday) at work a bunch of my coworkers surprised me with the beautiful birthday cake (pictured above). How they kept it a secret from me remains a mystery – and quite an accomplishment !

I’ve still got some more birthday freebees and discounts to enjoy, but they are good through the entire month of June. There’s a free Royal Red Robin Burger waiting for me at Red Robin. Gotta get my free pastry at Panera. I love the month of June !

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