for King & Country

I’ve got a good floor seat for the for King & Country / Zach Williams concert in Estero Florida 12 days before Christmas. On the floor you’re pretty much expected to stand at your seat, and sing and dance to the music, and I’m looking forward to doing just that. Since I bought a ticket to their show I get a free physical copy of their album “Burn The Ships” mailed to me. It doesn’t even get released until Friday October 05TH, but I should have my copy of it before then. It includes their former U.S. # 1 smash (on Christian radio) “joy”. This album could encourage me to like their music more. That’ll get me ready for their LIVE show in 3 months.

Fun Fact:  Joel Smallbone (one-half of for King & Country) and I share a birthday – June 05TH !  He was born on my 17TH birthday. #Gemini

The weekend is just getting started here on “Saturday Night Retro”. Tomorrow night I’m going #Retro – back to 2008.

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