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Sunday Scripture

Today was another great day with my church family at Living Waters. We celebrated my birthday today with our tradition of coming up to the front of the sanctuary, putting on a birthday hat, holding up a birthday card, and watching on as everyone sings the traditional “Happy Birthday” song. That’s always a lot of fun. We do that about every 2 or 3 Sundays as each new birthday approaches.

Our Lead Pastor continued his sermon series on faith. It was based on Scripture from both the Old Testament (Genesis) and the New Testament (Matthew).

Just then a woman who had suffered for twelve years with constant bleeding came up behind Him. She touched the fringe of His robe, for she thought – “If I can just touch His robe – I will be healed.” Jesus turned around, and when He saw her he said, “Daughter – be encouraged ! Your faith has made you well.” And the woman was healed at that moment. (Matthew 9:20-22 NLT)

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