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Happy Thursday June 20TH 2019. Let’s kickoff a fresh new weekend of blogging !

I’ve been uploading a lot of new photos to my Flickr site recently. Actually it’s been a very active past 7 months – since December. I’ve added 269 photos since the start of December. That’s the most active 7-month time-period since 2015. Now that I’m spending much less time on Facebook I’ve got plenty of time to populate my Flickr site with cool new photos.

I created my Flickr account in April 2011, and I’ve uploaded over 2,900 photos since then. Most of them are public. Some are not. They represent my “best of the best” photos. More than half of my photos won’t make it onto my Flickr site. They just aren’t good enough, but they are nevertheless treasured memories. They reside on my other photo sites that I don’t promote.

Can you believe that I have never signed-on to Instagram ?  I’m happy with Flickr.

I’m currently adding photos from my first week of May vacation on Venice Beach Florida. I manually upload my photos one at a time – with captions. I think it’s the modern 21ST Century equivalent of scrapbooking. These are memories of a lifetime, so it’s my way to respect each photo and the precise moment in my life when I captured each memory.

My last 5 added photos always appear on the right-hand side panel of the web site edition of this blog at

If you wish to see more than that you can:
View my Flickr Photostream at –
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I’ll close with a photo that’s not good enough for my Flickr site. I captured this memory inside Everglades National Park on December 31ST 2016 at 3:01 PM. It’s a photo of my 2015 Honda Civic at the time parked in front of an open missile launch barn featuring an actual restored Nike Hercules Missile on static display. (I worked there as a volunteer tour guide every Saturday for two winter seasons.)


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