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Monster Mash

That’s from the Saturday October 31ST 1964 edition of “American Bandstand” on ABC-TV hosted by the late great Dick Clark, and that’s guest Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett performing his # 1 smash “Monster Mash”. What a fascinating facial performance that is too !

It was actually the # 1 smash all across the U.S. 2 years earlier during the week leading up to Halloween of 1962 (during the Cuban Missile Crisis), but just like in 1964 and every year since then it’s the unofficial radio song of Halloween. I even add it to my iPod Shuffles that play at my workplace. I usually add it right around October 01ST of each year, and it plays almost every day all month long.

Come November 01ST (tomorrow) I’ll remove “Monster Mash” from my iPod Shuffles playlist, and I’ll add about a half-dozen Christmas songs. ‘Tis the season …

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