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I recently stumbled across this meme on social media, and I instantly liked it and saved it. It fits right in with a new sermon that I began writing while on vacation with my family in North Texas. (My brother and sister-in-law randomly revealed to me that they are actually looking for a church to attend in their new town that they live in. My brother specifically stated that he wants to join a small church family of about 20 people.)

I’m part of a small church family where I live. In fact I’m the Associate Pastor at my small church family of about 20 to 30 people. This upcoming March will mark 5 years with my small church family. (I had previously spent 8 years with a large church family that rapidly evolved from a once small church family.)

There are a few things that I miss about a large church family, but after 5 years I’ve realized that I overwhelmingly prefer the small church family experience. When I retire and move away from here in about 4 years I hope to join a small church family in my new town. If God gives me the opportunity I’d love to Lead Pastor a small church family and walk with them towards God every day.

So back to the meme. There are dozens of churches where I live, and by “churches” I don’t mean the buildings. I mean the bodies that meet corporately inside those buildings – whether they are traditional church buildings, or movie theatres, or schools, or hotels, or former stores in shopping centers. Do what I did. Do research online and offline, and determine which of those churches (bodies) are closest to the Bible. Once you do that go and visit that church for a Sunday morning service. If you feel loved immediately by God’s children – then God probably led you there intentionally. Declare it your new home.

Don’t go to church. Be the church. Bring the church. Your life will change forever.

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