U.S.A. National Gas Temperature Map

It’s time to catch up again on current gasoline prices all across the great United States Of America.

Click here for a cool colour-coded map of our country that shows how much gas costs per gallon (on average) in each county (updated daily).

Oil prices have recently tumbled a bit, and gas prices have done so as well from their recent near record highs. They currently vary from under $2.71 per gallon (mostly in the Kansas City Missouri metropolitan area) to over $3.31 per gallon (much of northern and central California). The greener counties are the cheaper ones, and the redder counties are the more expensive ones. Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma generally have the cheapest gas in the country.

The Road Rage Files – Chapter 16

This afternoon on my way home from work I was tailgated by a big pick-up truck for about a mile southbound on Speedway Boulevard (from Campbell Drive down to North Canal Drive), and for the entire 3-mile stretch westbound on North Canal Drive (from Speedway Boulevard over to Tennessee Road).

There were countless opportunities for this big pick-up truck to pass me on the left with great ease on both Speedway Boulevard as well as North Canal Drive, but the driver declined to do so – opting instead to follow my bumper closely for some 4 miles through the east of Homestead.

That left me with no choice but to slow down to below my normal cruising speed to just a few miles-per-hour above the posted speed limit of 40 MPH on both roads. He who tailgates me is he who gets to drive just a tiny bit above the posted speed limit.

What makes this particular ‘Road Rage File’ any different than several others that were posted over the previous 6 months ?  Not too much actually, but the first 13 of ‘The Road Rage Files’ were posted over on the former MySpace blog, and a lot of you are new to this blog since we moved it over here to WordPress. This is a continuing message series here on this blog (one of the most popular and most anticipated), so look for more exciting incidents of bad driving all around me on a regular basis as they occur.

Homestead City Council

Meet your new Homestead City Council.

I just watched the first (televised) City Council meeting of the new group (taped from this past Monday night), and although I didn’t vote for a single one of them I was truly impressed with what I saw – their actions and their professionalism. Homestead will be in fine hands with our new elected leaders. NOW is the time for all of our citizens to support them as they correct some wrongdoings of the past and continue the sensible forward progress of this great city that we call home.

The Council Chambers were absolutely packed with disgruntled bowlers of all ages who recently lost their Homestead Bowling Center. 5 passionate representatives of the large group stated their case to the new City Council on the importance of the place to the city, and what could possibly be done to refurbish and then reopen the place. Mayor & Council will research the matter.