Welcome To The Weekend !

It’s 3 AM on this Thursday the 23RD day of May of 2019. That’s 3 AM here in South Florida U.S.A., so 8 AM in the U.K., 9 AM in South Africa, and 7 PM in New Zealand. Welcome aboard wherever you’re reading this from.

I kickoff most new weekends of blogging on Thursday at 3 AM my time, and this weekend is no different. It’s a holiday weekend here in the States – Memorial Day Weekend. Monday is Memorial Day where we honor those military personnel who died while serving their country in a time of war. I’ll have a special tribute to our fallen heroes this Monday here on my blog. That pushes my new Top 10 personal hit music chart back a day to Tuesday. So I’ve got 5 new blog posts for you this weekend in lieu of the usual 4 – starting with this one.

I’m staying in during this long holiday weekend – not going anywhere – staying out of traffic. It’ll be a sunny, dry, and hot weekend here in South Florida, so I just want to relax and enjoy my air conditioning. I’ll do my usual Bible study on Saturday, and I’ll hopefully finish writing my next sermon that I’ll preach titled “Pray & Believe”. I also want to get started on my next sermon after that. We’ll see where God takes me this weekend. Sometimes I think I know exactly what I wish to write, and then God leads me in an entirely different direction. That’s the Holy Spirit at work. I just want to go where He guides me.

I just ate a pear a few minutes ago, and it was absolutely delicious. I then Googled the health benefits of eating pears, and I found this article. I really need to buy and eat more pears. I need all of those health benefits. The results of my recent ultrasound are in. My liver, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts, and right kidney were all checked-out. There were 3 “impressions” or anomalies, but nothing to be overly concerned about. My liver is normal size, and it measures 13 centimeters in length. The “impression” there was a “minimal diffuse fatty liver”. If I improve my diet, exercise more, and lose a little weight then the fat can go away. More pears !

I’ve been eating smaller lunches at my desk at work, and then after that I’ve been using the 2ND-half of my lunch hour by walking it off – basically walking around the exterior grounds of my building. My Fitbit likes that. I’ve been walking about 0.6 to 0.7 miles in a nice casual walk after eating. Nothing too strenuous. In fact once I break a sweat I walk back inside. Today my walk after eating was 15 minutes – 3 minutes “peak”, 8 minutes “cardio”, and 4 minutes “fat burn”. My average heart rate was 130 BPM, and it peaked at 145 BPM. More exercise !

I think that most of you will agree with me that blogging peaked about 15 years ago during the mid-2000s (post-AOL and pre-Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). I started this blog in 2007 towards the end of my first year of salvation to begin a dialog online about the God I know. There’s a lot of hatred on social media today. It’s one of the main reasons why I returned to the WordPress community 16 months ago to get back into full-time blogging again. Many of you reading this blog host your own blogs. I know that because I visit them on a regular basis. Some of your blogs surely glorify our God. This is the LORD’s doing, and it is wonderful to see. Never be discouraged that you’re not getting enough visits, or likes, or comments. Keep blogging and writing about your life. Keep expanding God’s Kingdom – one blog post at a time.

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Sunday Scripture

Today our Lead Pastor preached on the red letters of Matthew 24:3-14 in his sermon titled, “The End Of The Age”.

We are in the end times. Verses 4 through 13 are happening right now. Many are deceived. We have wars and threats of wars. We have famines and earthquakes in many parts of the world. We have arrests, persecutions, and murders of the followers of Jesus Christ. We have hate all over the world. We have false prophets. We have sin running rampant everywhere. We don’t have enough love in this world. That’s the state of our world today,

But the one who endures to the end will be saved. And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it. And then the end will come. (Matthew 24:13-14 NLT)

We need to get to Verse 14 in this world, so that God’s Good News spreads and expands throughout the whole world to all nations.

And now on a personal note – this blog is taking a break after tomorrow night. I’m taking all next weekend off – from the Thursday morning (May 02ND) blog post through the Monday night (May 06TH) Top 10 chart. I’ll be back on the following Thursday (May 09TH) for the start of my next big weekend of blogging, but before that I’ll present my Top 10 music chart for this weekend tomorrow night at its regularly-scheduled time – just after 6 PM EDT (U.S. East Coast time).

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Sunday Scripture

Some Assembly Required (2)

It was a great message and a great sermon on a great day at Living Waters in Homestead Florida. Our Lead Pastor Bob preached on the power of the Holy Spirit in his sermon titled “Breath Of God, Breathe On Us” based on John 20:22 and 3:5, Acts 2:1-4, Luke 24:32, Exodus 3:2 and 13:21-22, Leviticus 6:13 and 9:24, Numbers 3:4, and 2 Chronicles 7:1.

Then He breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” (John 20:22 NLT)


Today is my 6TH Anniversary on Facebook. I was one of the last of my friends to join Facebook due to peer pressure. I created an account on Easter Sunday March 31ST 2013. It was supposed to be an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke, but it backfired.

The first 3 years on Facebook were fun. I tried this blog on Facebook, and it started out strong but then it quickly faded after that. None of my friends really cared to read a 5-minute blog about my journey once or twice per weekend. Nowadays I’m just a lurker and occasional commenter of other peoples’ posts on Facebook.

WordPress is where I belong. I get to blog alongside fellow bloggers !

I’ll be back tomorrow night with my new Top 10 music chart for this weekend. No April Foolin’ !

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Behind The Scenes

Happy Thursday my friends !  It’s the start of an all-new blog weekend. I generally post new blogs on Thursday mornings, Friday nights, Sunday afternoons, and Monday nights (U.S. East Coast time). My Friday, Sunday, and Monday blogs all have the same respective format and structure each weekend – while my Thursday blog is a free-for-all where I blog about whatever comes to me in the moment. I usually have no idea what I’ll blog about on my Thursday blog until I actually get going with my fingers on the keyboard. (Yes – I still do most of my online activity via a traditional desktop computer system with a keyboard and a mouse – an hp Pavilion in fact. I’ve been using a series of hp Pavilions going back to the 1990s.)

I don’t get political online (or offline for that matter). I don’t discuss politics with anyone really. I have my own personal opinions and viewpoints on just about everything, and some of them are quite radical – on both ends of the political spectrum. Some are rather centrist. I’m really all over the place. I left Facebook after nearly 5 years because it got too political over there. Now I still lurk on Facebook because many of my friends from afar only utilize Facebook, and I wish to stay in-touch with them on all things non-political. I’ve recently come very close to expressing my viewpoint on a few key political issues on Facebook and Twitter, as it’s just so easy to do so – to be pulled-in to a discussion. Once I realized what I did I quietly backed myself out of the discussion. I’d rather talk about fun things on social media – like food and travel.

I spend most of my social media time here on WordPress (for blogging), Twitter (for tweeting), and Flickr (for photokeeping). I’ve been on WordPress since 2007, Twitter since 2009, and Flickr since 2011. I promote my blog on Twitter, and I promote my tweets here on WordPress. I also promote my photos here on WordPress. Collectively my WordPress, Twitter, and Flickr make-up my online ministry – CountUp Ministries. This blog serves as the flagship of CountUp Ministries at http://www.revchrismday.com.

When I’m at home I spend much of my time online, but when I’m not online I’m watching some of my favorite television shows, and I’m spending time with my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ reading and studying His Word and writing sermons based on what I’ve read and studied. I usually get the call to preach a full sermon about once per month, so I’m always ready with at least one – preferably two sermons that are ready to go. I’ve got my next two sermons already written, so I’ll probably start working on a new sermon this weekend. (Unless I get the call to preach this Sunday. If that’s the case then I’ll select one of my two sermons, enhance it, finalize it, and rehearse it.)

Well there’s a little “Behind The Scenes” action for you. I didn’t know how this blog post would go, but there it is. That’s how I write my Thursday blog. It’s really spontaneous. I’ll be back tomorrow night with my regular weekly Friday night blog – a venture back in time via the music soundtrack of my life. We’ll check-out Sunday March 05TH 1989.

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this blog site got an upgrade a couple of nights ago. This site now has a new address, and it’s based on my name now – http://www.revchrismday.com. If you go to the original URL it’ll automatically forward you to the new .com address. With the new address comes the removal of all advertising. No matter what device you view this site on – computer, smart phone, tablet – you won’t see anymore ads mixed in. I’ve retired the former “Saturday Night Retro” name of this blog site. That name dates back to a previous social media existence online, and it’s not congruent with the current direction of my social media presence. I will also no longer utilize “The Major” nickname. That name actually goes all the way back to the early-1990s when I first entered the alternate world of online via the BBS (bulletin board system) on my computer via dial-up telephone.

Here on this site you’ll continue to see my new blog posts every Thursday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday. Those are my 4-day “blog weekends”. Saturdays will remain my day of rest. My last 5 tweets will continue to appear on the right-hand side of this site, and my last 5 photos (from Flickr) will continue to appear below the tweets. I’m still on Facebook, but I stopped posting new material over there over a year ago. I’ve kept my account active so that I can stay current with my friends who only utilize Facebook.

I’ve got a lot of “housecleaning” to do on this site. I’ve neglected my “SERMONS” page, so that will be the next page to be updated and enhanced. I’m also working on mission and vision statements for this site (and for my online ministry).

I’ve got a lot of big plans coming up for this site in 2019 and beyond, and for the most part – I don’t even know what those plans are. You see it would be foolish and arrogant for me to say – this is going to happen, and that is going to happen, and it’s going to leave a mark, and it’s going to change the world. The Truth is that such plans can’t possibly succeed if God is left out of the picture.

When I returned this blog to its original home on the WordPress platform 13 months ago I made a commitment to God to have Him guide and direct me on the journey forward for this online ministry. I’m spending more time in a quiet place – listening to God – listening to His whispers to me. I’m ready to react with His blessings to proceed forth. Where God leads me – is where I will go.

All rights reserved (c) 2019 Christopher M. Day, CountUp Ministries

Final Weekend Of 2018

Greetings Readers !  It’s the start of the final weekend of 2018 here on my blog, and I’m going out with a bang. I’ve got 5 new blog posts for you (starting with this one). Tomorrow night I’ll go #Retro back to the final weekend of 2008. Saturday is my day of rest. On Sunday I’ll present my normal “Sunday Scripture”. On Monday it’s my final Top 10 music chart of the year. On Tuesday (New Year’s Day) I’ll kickoff 2019 with a special bonus blog post featuring my Top 18 hits of 2018.

So keep checking-in to this blog for all-new material including new tweets and photos. My active Twitter and Flickr feeds (last 5 tweets and last 5 photos respectively) can be seen along the right-side panel on the web site edition of this blog at majorhitwaves.wordpress.com.

In addition to my 5-blog-post weekend I also plan to (need to) get back into the sermon-writing business. December was not a very good month for me in this area of my ministry. I preached my 12TH sermon of the year back on Sunday December 02ND. I actually wrote much of it while on vacation in Ohio in November. I also wrote about half of my next sermon that I plan to preach. That’s pretty much where the forward momentum stalled. I need to complete my half-written sermon – tentatively titled “Now & Later”, but I may change it to “Present & Future” based on its recurring theme. Once I get that sermon completed, enhanced, and finalized I need to do a quick turnaround and write my next sermon after that. So let me get me started with all of that instead of merely blogging about it !

All rights reserved (c) 2018 Christopher M. Day, CountUp Ministries

Social Media Roundup

Happy Thursday my friends !  It’s the start of a new weekend here at “Saturday Night Retro”, as weekends always begin on Thursdays. This is a HUGE weekend of blogging for me with 5 new blogs instead of the usual 4. Remember I don’t blog on Saturdays, as that’s my day of rest and personal time with God.

When I’m not blogging you can catch me on some of my other social media platforms:

Facebook – I’ve been there since the end of March of 2013. I was one of the last of my friends to join Facebook. When I abandoned WordPress I took my blog over there. At first my blog was very popular, but then as we entered the 2016 election season here in the U.S. it was overshadowed by the type of material that has pretty much taken over Facebook – politically-charged opinions and memes, fake news, and Internet hoaxes. I no longer post new material over there, but I do like, love, haha, wow, and comment other people’s non-political posts occasionally.

Twitter – I just celebrated my 9TH anniversary over there. I was on Twitter before nearly all of my friends were on Twitter. I’m @ChrisMDay, and I’ve tweeted 7,398 times since the very start. You don’t even have to go to Twitter to read my most recent tweets. Check them out on the web edition of this blog over on the right-hand column.

Flickr – I’ve been there for the past 7½ years, and that’s where I “Instagram”. (I’ve actually never signed-up for an Instagram site.) There are over a couple thousand captioned photos there for your viewing pleasure – most of them taken while on various vacations around the world. You can check out my Photostream (most recent photos added) or my Albums (photos grouped together by location or subject). On the web edition of this blog over on the right-hand column you can view the last 3 photos added just below the last 10 tweets.

Myspace – No – I’m not on Myspace anymore. I was there briefly for about 6 months in 2007. That’s where this blog was born. I posted 310+ blog entries on Myspace before I moved on up to WordPress. Myspace is still around, but all of those early blog entries are long gone.

WordPress – And so here we are. I was very active on here from the end of 2007 through 2008 and 2009. After that initial “surge” (1,300+ blog entries posted) the activity simmered down quite a bit as I discovered and immersed myself into the wonderful world of tweeting in 140 characters or less. This site was completely inactive for over 5 years. After my Facebook reign ended at the end of 2017 I decided to stop blogging completely. Yeah that didn’t last. On January 15TH 2018 I quietly resurrected this blog on this site. It’s been worth it. This is my 104TH blog entry since that new beginning. I’m enjoying writing each new blog entry, and I have an all-new audience now. I’ve also discovered at least 25 new blogs (from those of you reading this) that are similar to mine that I enjoy checking out. Keep up the great work with your blogs, and I’ll keep the blogs coming over here.

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