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Last night I finished writing what will be my next sermon to preach to my church family – “Habakkuk & Forth”. It’s all about the minor prophet Habakkuk from the land of Judah some 600 years before Christ. He’s a minor prophet not because he was irrelevant (quite the opposite), but simply because there’s only 3 chapters in his book in the Old Testament. (Compare that with 66 chapters for Isaiah, 52 chapters for Jeremiah, and 48 chapters for Ezekiel – the 3 major prophets.)

I wrote this sermon in just a couple of weeks, and I think that it flows well from beginning to end. I’ll be enhancing and tweaking it over the next couple of weeks. Following the conclusion of today’s service our Lead Pastor told me that I’ll be preaching 2 weeks from today on Sunday December 01ST 2019. So I’ll be preaching on Habakkuk.

I actually finished another sermon previously, but I’m not fully satisfied with it. It will (eventually) be a groundbreaking sermon for me unlike anything I’ve ever done before – and unlike anything my church family has ever seen before. For a message that different it needs a bit more work.

So back to Habakkuk where Chapter 3 is a prayer that was sung to the LORD by Habakkuk. After his conversation with the LORD (Chapters 1 and 2) Habakkuk praised and worshipped Him. Here are some of the highlights of his psalm to the LORD:

  • I am filled with awe by Your amazing works. (3:2)
  • His brilliant splendor fills the heavens, and the earth is filled with His praise. (3:3)
  • His coming is as brilliant as the sunrise. (3:4a)
  • Rays of light flash from His hands – where His awesome power is hidden. (3:4b)
  • When He stops – the earth shakes. When He looks – the nations tremble. (3:6a-b)
  • He shatters the everlasting mountains, and levels the eternal hills. (3:6c)
  • He is the Eternal One ! (3:6d)
  • You split open the earth with flowing rivers. (3:9)
  • The mountains watched and trembled. Onward swept the raging waters. (3:10)
  • You went out to rescue Your chosen people – to save Your anointed ones. (3:13)

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