Top 5 Republican Presidential Nominees

As a follow-up to the CNN / You Tube Republican Debate that aired on CNN last night (which I watched earlier tonight on tape) Larry King has another one of his ‘not a scientific poll’ ‘Quick Votes’ up on his web page:

Who do you want to be the Republican Presidential nominee ?

(Here are the TOP 5 responses.) 

30% – Rudy Giuliani
18% – Mike Huckabee
15% – Fred Thompson
14% – Mitt Romney
11% – Ron Paul

(I voted for 1 of the above.)

Annoyances Driving

The Road Rage Files – Chapter 14

I understand that you (other drivers in general) are going to run stop signs as if they don’t really say ‘STOP‘ but rather ‘KEEP GOING IF YOU’RE TURNING RIGHT‘, and I understand that you (other drivers in general) are going to turn right on a red light without even stopping (or even slowing down at times).

But when you do so, and you see a single car (such as mine – with no other vehicle in sight behind me) headed your way on the main road with no stop sign and a green light then wouldn’t it be so very courteous of you of waiting a couple of seconds until I pass by before you make your unlawful move ?

It would save me from drastically slowing down or slamming on my brakes to avoid crashing in to you due to your illegal road maneuver. I’d like to keep my perfect accident-free driving record (since 1984) intact.

This is particularly a problem for those of you who live in a certain neighbourhood here in Homestead that has a lot of water and a lot of stone scattered throughout. You live in a real nice neighbourhood. Why are you all in such a hurry to speed out of it onto Speedway Boulevard and Campbell Drive ?

This edition of ‘The Road Rage Files’ was brought to you in part by ‘Citizens For A More Peaceful Driving Experience In Homestead’. Join our movement today. Inquire within.