Saturday Night Retro

Saturday November 27TH 2010 Volume 3 / Number 12 / Edition 109 Late last night I returned home to Miami to begin my 24TH year of living here in America’s Riviera. It was a very nice American Airlines flight – due mainly because I sat in First Class. While checking in at the self-service terminal at AA at DFW IContinue reading “Saturday Night Retro”

The Major’s Weekend Blast-Off

WEEKEND GRAB BAG O’ THOUGHT: I’ve got an interesting idea for a new and innovative television show. It would be similar to the long-running “Cops“, but this show would utilize helicopters instead with no police action involved. They would fly directly above our streets – neighbourhood and city roads and high-speed expressways alike. They would simply flyContinue reading “The Major’s Weekend Blast-Off”