The Legend Of Fluffy The Manx Cat

It started out as a morning like any other, but just a few hours later it would become a morning that forever changed the lives of me, my little brother, our Mom, and our Dad.

Exactly 24 years ago this morning on December 23RD 1983 me (16½-years-old) and my little brother (8½-years-old) looked out our living room window at the snow and the ice on the ground of our backyard. It was a freezing-cold Friday morning – 2 days before Christmas – in McLean Virginia, and we were happy to be warm and comfortable inside.

But there was a creature stirring outside that was not warm and comfortable. It was a lonely young cat with no tail that was wandering around aimlessly outside on our elevated patio deck, and it was shivering. Me and my brother decided rather quickly that it did not belong in the harsh elements of outside at that moment, so we brought it in to our more sheltered screened-in ‘Florida Room’. We gave her some milk to drink. She loved us for it. We gave her some love. We heard a strange sound coming from her that we hadn’t heard before. It was the sound of her purring. We let her in to our warm and comfortable home. She never looked back. We pretty much named her ‘Fluffy’ that day, and she instantly became an important part of our family – the missing link if you will. She stayed with us for the next 17+ years until her (expected) death in April 2001.

There have been other cats and dogs within our family over the years since then. Fluffy eventually gained a feline roommate with Barney (also known as the cat that never liked me). After Fluffy’s death Barney eventually gained his own feline roommate with Pumpkin (our parents’ current cat that me and my brother picked out for them several years ago). Boots was my own loving cat and housemate for 12½ years here in Homestead until his (expected) death on May 17TH 2007. He was the coolest cat that ever lived.

But it all started with Fluffy The Manx Cat. She was the Queen of her castle. She was the stability of our family. She was our family’s common denominator. She was the center of attention. She was the most lovable cat that ever lived.

Fluffy The Manx Cat

Fluffy never met Boots, but I believe that the two loving cats in my Life for nearly 23½-years are hanging out together up in Heaven comparing notes about me. Barney is probably up there too – ignoring Fluffy and Boots.  

This blog is a spinoff of the (now on extended hiatus) web site that I created in 1995. That web site grew out of a previous web site known as ‘MANx On The Net’. That first web site was a spinoff of ‘MANx Cat BBS’ (1993-1997) that was inspired by and named after Fluffy.

By Chris M. Day

I'm 55 years old. I've been online for the past 29 years - starting with my own dial-up bulletin board system in 1993 - and continuing with AOL, my own web site, Myspace, Wordpress, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook.

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We had a beloved dog who came into our life by happenstance. We named him “Ruff” because he looked “rough” by the time we started feeding him (so he would go away),ha. He was the most loyal, faithful, intuitive dog we have ever had. Friends, neighbors, and E\everyone at church (the old facility) knew him. It’s neat to have a special pet.

Yes the LORD does give us pets when we need them I even got a WILSONETA before Ivan passed away. It was a blessing because he got to see her.
For all of you who still do not know who Wilsoneta is, she is our female peacock she flew here a few weeks before Ivan got sick and has never left.

I know how very special animals are in our lives Chris. I, we, had a special cat, black and white, name of Punkin, for 18 yrs., and still miss her, and will always. They are unconditional love and companionship. I think you should look for another cat Chris. I’m thinking about it. (*-*)

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