My Little Buddy Boots

Boots On Guest Bed

This was my little feline buddy ‘Boots’. I met him in 1994, and we officially became housemates on New Year’s Day 1995. Over the years Boots developed my personality in a cat’s body. He was the smartest cat I’ve ever met. I talked to him, and he understood me and responded to me.

Boots’ favorite hobbies included greeting me at the front door all the time, following me everywhere I went, watching my every move, eating with me, sleeping with me, and (for fun) pushing geckos off the back porch screen in order to “save my life”. If Boots saw a gecko climbing on the outside of the screen it would only take him mere seconds to jump up and push that gecko off the screen and tumbling 15 feet to the ground below. Once he did that he’d look back at me for my instant approval (which I always granted).

Boots was with me for 12½ years – the toughest 12½ years of my adult life. Exactly 12 years ago tonight on May 16TH 2007 was a horrible night for Boots and I. He was in agonizing pain (due to the effects of various diseases), and he could no longer hide it. He was screaming all night long. He could no longer walk. He lost the ability to purr. I knew that was his last night of life.

The next morning I made the ultimate decision to put him to sleep to end his terminal pain and suffering that he was enduring. I was with him at the very end, and he meowed at me one last time as if to thank me for loving him for all of those years. His eyes slowly closed after that, and I cried.

His doctor said it was my final good deed for him, and that he probably lived much longer than he should have – due to the love that I provided to him over the years.

Boots On The Couch

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Home Sweet Homestead

I’m back from vacation !  My 6-day / 590-mile / 14-county Florida road-trip has come to a close. My trek started in deep South Miami-Dade County (where my home is), and it continued northward through Broward, Palm Beach, Hendry, Glades, Highlands, and Polk Counties, westward into Hillsborough County (Tampa), southward through Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee, and Collier Counties, and then back into Miami-Dade County. I also came within a few feet of touching (mainland) Monroe County for a second.

It was a fun trip. I saw a couple of current movies, I did a little bit of shopping (didn’t buy anything), I ate a lot of good food, I walked over 60,000 steps (to burn-off that good food), I did a lot of sightseeing, I visited some historical museums and animal-based tourist attractions, I went to two Christian music concerts, and I spent a lot of time at the beach.

I saw and I did things that I had never seen or done before in my life. This was a classic vacation. I get to spend the near future reminiscing about the times I enjoyed via the 140+ photos and 1 video I captured during all of the fun.

The 1 video I captured is a spectacular 3½-minute video of this past Tuesday night’s sunset on Venice Beach Florida. The video captures the 3 minutes leading up to the sun dropping below the horizon at sea as well as the 30 seconds right after that moment. I intended to post that video in its entirety here on my blog, but I realized that I can’t upload videos on here with my current WordPress plan. The video is also about 1:10 too long for Twitter, so I’ll have to figure out how to trim it down to 2:20 for Twitter.

In the meantime here’s Monday night’s sunset at 8:05 PM EDT on Venice Beach.


From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets – the name of the LORD is to be praised. (Psalm 113:3 NIV)

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Remembering Barney & Fluffy

WELCOME to an all-new weekend of blogging !  This weekend I’m remembering Barney and Fluffy. They passed away during this same week of April 5 years apart in 2001 (Fluffy) and 2006 (Barney). They were the childhood cats of me and my brother (8 years younger than me), but I should clarify that a bit.

We found Fluffy (a Manx) outside on our elevated patio deck on a bitter cold and icy Northern Virginia morning on the 23RD of December in 1983. We brought her in, gave her some milk to drink, loved on her, and then she refused to leave. She remained with us (our family) for over 17 years – until 2001 – long after me and my brother had become adults and moved on with our respective lives.

Barney arrived about 4½ years later in 1988 while I was living here in Homestead Florida (where I’m still living today). My brother was still living at home. I’m not sure where exactly we got Barney, but it may have been from a coworker of our Mom. Barney remained with our family for about 18 years – until 2006.

Both cats lived long, fat, and happy lives. Fluffy was the most lovable feline I have ever known in my entire life. I had never heard a purr in my life until I heard it from her. Barney was simply “the cat that didn’t like me” – although during his last year (of perhaps senility) he came over to me and purred on me as if to ask me for my forgiveness for all of those years in which he didn’t care for me. Barney loved my brother more than anyone else.

Here are some classic photos of Barney and Fluffy. The first one has a date imprinted on the back of it of ‘APR 89’; however, I suspect that the photo was actually taken around Christmas-time of 1988. That would make Fluffy about 5½ to 6 years old and Barney less than a year old. The second photo was taken several years later well into the 1990s. Same wall and location – different couch.

Barney & Fluffy - Christmas-Time 1988

Barney & Fluffy – Christmas-Time 1988

Barney & Fluffy - Mid-1990s

Barney & Fluffy – Mid-1990s

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The Major’s Top 5 Hits RETRO – 1988

Every Friday night I post the Top 5 of one of my classic hit music charts based on personal preference from either 10, 20, or 30 years ago (rotating each week). Here it is – for the week ending Sunday December 25TH 1988:

  1. “Look Away” – Chicago
  2. “Waiting For A Star To Fall” – Boy Meets Girl
  3. “The Promise” – When In Rome
  4. “In Your Room” – The Bangles
  5. “The Only Way Is Up” – Yazz And The Plastic Population

30 years ago this weekend I was in Northern Virginia (Fairfax County – just outside of Washington D.C.) spending time with my family – my Dad, Mom, 13-year-old brother, and Fluffy and Barney (the young cats).

Back then we celebrated Fluffy’s 5TH Anniversary with our family. She joined us two days before Christmas of 1983.

11 years ago here on this blog I wrote about Fluffy’s arrival. Check it out here.

It’s halftime. I’ll be back on Monday with my brand new Top 10 chart for this week.

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Bear With Me

Happy Thursday night. A new weekend has arrived, and I’m looking forward to it. Tomorrow (Friday) night I’ll go #Retro with my Top 5 hits from exactly 20 years ago on Sunday July 12TH 1998. Then on Sunday I’ll share Scripture with you, and finally on Monday it’s my brand new Top 10 personal hit music chart.

But as for tonight it’s something simple – just a goofy photo of me and a bear – from inside a souvenir store on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada.


My Little Buddy Boots

Today is May 17TH, and this has been a sad day for me for the past 11 years. I’m remembering my little buddy Boots today. He was my best feline friend for 12½ years from New Years Day 1995 (when I adopted him) to May 17TH 2007.

He died on this morning 11 years ago when I had him put to sleep. He was suffering from various diseases during his later years, and he was in agonizing pain at the very end. His doctor said that it was my final good deed for him, and that he probably lived much longer than he should have – due to the love that I provided to him over the years.

Boots was the smartest cat I’ve ever lived with. He waited for me at the front windowsill every afternoon as I returned home from work, and he greeted me at the front door with an endless barrage of meows, purrs, rubs, and bumps. He was confused yet ecstatic when I returned home from work early, and he was upset yet relieved when I was late. He used the sun as his clock. He stared at me often as if he was watching over me. He “protected” me by ensuring that geckos were slammed off the patio screen or pulverized if they made it inside. He slept at the base of my bed as I slept at night. I never had to look for him because he was always near me. He acted more like a dog than a cat. When I talked to him – he responded.

He hated leaving his comfortable home and going to the kennel, but on that final morning in May of 2007 when I placed him in his carrying case it was as if he was thanking me for all of the love and the life he was able to live with me. He was ready for the end. I’ll never forget my little buddy Boots.

Boots On The Couch

The Major’s Walk-A-Thon

Time: 6:45 AM – 7:34 AM
Sky: Clear
Temperature: 60°F
Dewpoint: 55°F
Relative Humidity: 85%
Winds: Calm
Barometric Pressure: 30.18 Rising

On this cool and crisp 60°F Saturday morning in the middle of March of 2011 I embarked in the dark and I emerged in the light. I went on my first organized morning walk around my neighbourhood since the second day of January (11 weeks ago). It ultimately became my longest walk ever recorded over the past 39 months of these seasonal walks – 49.1 minutes / 2.6 miles.

It was a very peaceful and quiet walk at the dawn of a new day. Along the way of this twilight journey there was the dude that was walking his two cute little dogs, the stray dark brown feline that was minding his own bid-niz, the duck family (momma, poppa, sista, brotha), the stray large canine wandering around alone, and the mysterious drunk or drugged driver in the old beat-up white car that nearly ran me over – twice. Other than that it was just God and I have a relevant conversation with each other as I prayed to Him about everything that was on my mind at the time. He listened to me. I listened to Him. I trust. I believe.

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