Friday Night Blogroll Review

Here’s what’s happenin’ at 5 of my favourite blogs:

P.J. The Cane’s ‘Thought Shells’ this past Thursday can be summed-up as follows: Lobster, Football, Chicken, Itching, and Blogging. Phil was eating his lobster and chicken while watching football, and he was itching to get to some blogging soon !

There are a lot of prejudice Christians out there who immediately write-off rock and heavy metal music as evil, demonic, and Satanic. Ritz explains why these radicals need to ‘Get With The Times’. I also weigh-in with my personal viewpoint on this issue.

Rebecca intended to make homemade burritos, but she made stir-fry instead.

Kelly shows off her pics of the River Walk en San Antonio. Deja Vu (for me).

My favourite Pastor who isn’t at Life Pointe Church – Nathan – rages against the ‘Green’ machine. I’m totally with Nathan on the environmental issue. I’m also happy to see that Nathan has not abandoned his award-winning blog !

THANK YOU my fellow bloggers for another historic week of bloggertainment !

4 thoughts on “Friday Night Blogroll Review

  1. Read the post about going green. The guy has a point. Green has become a marketing buzz word – and as with many buzz words it has no meaning. People just like to say it.

    I tow a 20 foot boat with a V6 pickup. So maybe the V10 monster could be downsized and still pull the 24 foot trailer. It is all about gross vehicle weight ratings. According to Toyota, I can pull 6k pounds. However if I was going to pull more than 4k, I would have gone one size larger. For safety sake.

    What gets me is that I should be able to get a 4 cylinder diesel engine in my truck that could pull more than my gas engine and get better MPG. But in the USA Toyota does not sell and diesel options. OH WELL! The hypothetical 4 cylinder diesel would be slow as can be, but if I want speed then I should not buy a truck.

    At any rate, a V8 diesel will pull just about anything someone not involved in heavy towing would ever want to pull. And they can get in the 25 mpg range on the highway, not towing. But you pay more for diesel than for high test gas. So you really have to crunch some numbers to know if diesel will work for you.

    Of course me being a boat owner…well lets just say I can not really add too much to the fuel debate. I could cut back – but then again I like the boat. So I offset it by gladly picking up trash as I find it in the bay. I have pulled a lot of stuff out of the bay. All I need are two more plastic chairs and I have a patio set for 4 people! I have found two chairs and a table.

    Although the single engine on the boat is very efficient. I get 4 – 5 nautical miles per gallon. For a power boat, that is really good. And the boat is not used every day. So in the end my truck uses up far more fuel.

    If I had to repower (which I hope I do not have to do) I would choose a different engine than what I have now. One that did not need to burn 2 cycle oil and gas. It would be slightly “greener” – but still not very green at all.

  2. Oh man, I’m honored to be in your Top 5 favourite blogs. Maybe this’ll spell more popularity for my blog…

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