Saturday Night Retro

This edition of the ‘Retro’ is not about a specific year, but rather the good times and past memories of Christmas Day mornings gone by with my family.

Back during the early-1980s in Northern Virginia me and my little brother would wake up extra early – like at around 4 AM or so. We would quietly bundle up, go out in the dark and cold of wintertime, and deliver newspapers for a couple of hours. We would then come back inside into the warmth of the house and prepare for the opening of the Christmas presents that had gathered and multiplied underneath the Christmas tree since about Thanksgiving Day.

Mom, Dad, Me, My Brother, and even Fluffy our Manx cat were all together for about an hour of warm giving and receiving. Even our lovable cat got a present or two, and as the gifts were opened and the wrapping paper was thrown astray a bunch of the decorative bows and ribbons eventually ended up on Fluffy. She would also tend to play with all of the wrapping paper that was all around her. We would rather that she play with the wrapping paper than ingest the icicles off of the Christmas tree and then wait for the undesirable result of that a day or two later.

My very first Christmas Day away from home occurred in 1985. I had only been living in the U.K. for about 6 weeks, and since I was so new over there (as an Air Force Airman) I couldn’t take time off to fly back to the States. I wouldn’t miss many more Christmases after that one.

During much of the early-1990s I drove the 2,200+ miles to and from the Washington D.C. area to visit my family from Homestead. Late in 1996 they moved down to Jacksonville Florida, so that 2,200+ mile round trip was reduced down to 800 miles or so.

This Christmas Eve I’ll be driving up there again to visit my Mom, Dad, and their current cat – Pumpkin. My brother and his wife won’t be there, but it will still be fine. We enjoyed Thanksgiving together at their place in the north of Dallas Texas.

Oh Christmas Tree - Late-1990s - Jacksonville Florida

Oh Christmas Tree - Late-1990s - Jacksonville Florida

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  1. Your Bro Danny
    Dec 21, 2008 @ 14:05:30

    Ahhhh, good memories Bro. I remember our Christmases VERY well in McLean. Those were the days where I would frown at getting clothes or a sweater, but I would jump up and down when I would get a new Transformer or GI Joe toy.

    Ha Ha, I remember when Fluffy would walk around with a ribbon stuck to her back.

    Remember, we also used to all pile into the family car and visit Uncle George and Aunt Alice in Indian Head, Maryland.

    Those were the days Bro….

    And yes, I am still grossed out when I think about Fluffy eating those Christmas Tree icicles, and where we would “find them”. UGH!

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