Life Pointe Church Plantation Key Lime Pie

This morning a cool dude at the Homestead campus of Life Pointe Church asked me if I was going to be at the Plantation Key campus tonight. I said ‘No’, and I followed-up my response with the fact that I would be at home watching my precious Washington Redskins on local TV this afternoon.

About an hour later I was filling up my car with gas at Chevron in preparation for a possible visit to the Plantation Key campus.

Four hours later I was driving down U.S. 1 on my way there.

Jesus is more important than the Redskins. Jesus is urgent.

Pastor Bill Wilson had me in stitches and moved me to tears during this morning’s first service at the Homestead campus. There was no way that he could possibly do that all over again during tonight’s service, right ?  Wrong.

I get it.

Check out Pastor Bill’s Wikipedia entry.

Check out his ministry’s official web site.

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