Life Pointe Church Sunday Morning Tossed Salad

Pastor Travis led us. Here are my bulletted takeaways in 15 words or less:

– The church is a spiritual organism.
– It’s a living breathing body with Jesus as the head.
– It’s composed of born-again people.
– Whereever you are – be there.
– That means that if you’re at church then be the church.
– Just because you show up for church doesn’t mean that you are the church.
– God has chosen you to follow Him.
– Some people do so enthusiastically.
– Some people politely turn Him down.
– Some are in total defiance of Him.
– We should always pursue purity and holiness.
– We will never be perfect.
– We tend to pursue sin more than we pursue Jesus.
– We need to starve and kill the sins.
– We can’t serve two masters.
– God is the only Master that should matter.
– We should always believe in Him – even when it’s inconvenient to do so.
– If you’re comfortable on this journey then you’re not living.

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