Monday Night Countdown

Here are today’s TOP 5 travel events as experienced by me:

1.  Shortly After 9:30 AM CDT – I arrived at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. It’s chilly and rainy outside. It’s unusually quiet inside. There’s no lines at the self-service kiosks, the ticket / check-in counters, or even the security checkpoints. I’m amazed.

2.  11:20 AM CDT – That’s when my American Airlines flight was supposed to depart for Miami International Airport. That didn’t happen. The flight (apparently originating from Kansas City) couldn’t land at DFW due to the heavy rains and the low ceilings. It flew right past us to Austin.

3.  1:45 PM CDT – Two gate changes later – including a trip on the Skylink (monorail) to a completely different terminal on the other side of the airport – and my flight was ready to take-off. Apparently this was the same flight that was diverted to Austin. It replaced a previous Austin to Dallas flight (that was cancelled), and it became the new DFW to MIA flight. Who’s confused ?

4.  1:57 PM CDT – We actually pulled away from the gate at DFW some 2 hours and 37 minutes late. Our co-pilot was a laugh riot over the intercom system. I think that he would make a great radio deejay – or a cruise director. He sounded like a loud Chicagoan – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

5.  Shortly Before 6:00 PM EDT – I’m back home at MIA – nearly 3 hours later than originally scheduled. That puts me al aeropuerto at the heart and soul of the evening rush hour. My suitcase was one of the first dozen to show up on the baggage carousel (a miracle), so I did a grab and go. On to the shuttle that showed up rather quickly (another miracle). It picked me up and delivered me to my car at the off-site parking. Through the Dolphin Expressway / Palmetto Expressway / Don Shula Expressway / Florida’s Turnpike rush hour I went and long story short here I am at home.

My long weekend vacation is now history. Home Sweet Homestead.