Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

If it’s Tuesday night then the grab bag is full, so let me let some thoughts loose !

1.  Since March 01ST over a FOOT of rain has fallen at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport – and it shows. All of the vegetation in the Metroplex was green and lush – well nourished by Mother Nature. Meanwhile less than 3 inches of rain has fallen at Miami International Airport – and the extreme drought continues. Everything is still brown and crunchy. The Everglades is finally receiving some rain, but until we get some westerly winds in here we won’t see much of it.

2.  TODAY is my brother’s and his wife’s 2ND anniversary. They were married in The Bahamas on this very special date in 2007. I’ve often stated that my brother is my favourite person in the entire world, but I’ll also go on record by stating that his wife – Christina – is my 2ND favourite person in the entire world. I like her a lot, and I’ve liked her ever since the minute that I first met her. She has fit in perfectly in our Day family.

3.  This past weekend in the northeastern suburbs of Dallas Texas me and my family officially celebrated my brother’s 34TH birthday, my brother’s and his wife’s 2ND anniversary, Mother’s Day, and my 42ND birthday (early). I got one of the nicest birthday gifts in modern history, and it really has to do with modern history – mine. It’s a professional photo album hand-made by Christina (my brother’s wife) chock-full of classic pictures of me from the 1960s through the 2000s. She spent many days (probably weeks) working on this masterpiece. I shall cherish it forever. I also plan to share it with some of my closest friends.

4.  This upcoming Sunday marks a sad event – the 2ND anniversary of the death of my cat Boots. A memorial still sits to this day at the edge of one of my living room couches where he used to spend a lot of time. Boots was my little buddy for over a dozen years. His life was cut short by several years due to a variety of feline diseases. I will never forget Boots.

5.  I received my brand new Florida license plate in the mail this afternoon. It replaces my current license plate of the past 5 years. The old plate will join 3 others that are currently on display on my master bedroom wall. I can’t believe that I’ve been driving here in America’s Riviera for the past 20 years.

Those are my thoughts on this Tuesday night. Thank You for reading them.

One thought on “Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

  1. Hey Bro,

    Christina and I REALLY enjoyed having you here, and we are VERY happy that you loved your special birthday gift!!! We hope to see you again in June!!!!!


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