Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– I went to work at 6 AM this morning.
– And I just got home about an hour ago (6:30 PM).
– But I didn’t just get home from work.
– I was at work for 10½ hours.
– 3 of those hours were inside a conference room giving briefings.
– I’m all talked out.
– My voice is hoarse of course of course.
– I don’t think I’ll speak again until … tomorrow morning at work.
– After 10½ hours at work I proceeded directly to Downtown Homestead.
– I met this good friend at this cool place.
– The White Lion Cafe is Homestead’s finest dining establishment – by far.
– I don’t care what Patricia and Venus say about it !
– Any meal out is a real treat for me.
– Eating food is one of my favourite hobbies.
– I could do it all day.
– But where does it all go ?
– It all goes in all of the normal spots, but I just hide it better than others.
– Bigger shirts help out.
– I’m too sexy for my shirt – too sexy for my shirt – so sexy it hurts.
– No not really – not even close.
– Don’t mind me I’m just full of … FOOD !
– So yeah tomorrow is Friday.
– I’ve got your ‘Blogroll Review’ planned for tomorrow night.
– I have a general idea of who will win this week’s ‘Major Bloggie’ award.
– But it’s not too late to get your considerations published on the interwebs.
– Blogging is my ministry.
– It’s my way of helping to expand God’s Kingdom.
– If I can lead one lost soul to God then it’s all worth it.
– I’ve already done that, but I’ll never be satisfied.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

  1. White Lion’s Cafe was delicious! You have to come hungry because of the huge portions they give you.

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