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Tuesday Night Grab Bag O’ Thoughts

My Tuesday night tradition since 2007 continues now:

I.  Numbers That Drive Me Crazy – This next section is for my own personal amusement. This morning I started out with 67,613 miles on my car. That’s about 10,100 miles over the past year – a bit above average for me. I generally average between 7,500 and 8,000 miles of driving in a typical year. It’s been a busy year of driving for me – especially with the Thanksgiving Week trip to and from the Dallas Texas area. As far as gas prices are concerned they were much lower exactly a year ago – over 25% lower – right around $2.199 per gallon. It does appear that as the economy slowly improves the price of oil (and thus gas) will slowly increase – especially as we approach the summer driving months. $3.00 to $3.25 per gallon seems very likely as April rolls into May.

II.  Extreme Politics – I know what it’s like to be an extremist on the political spectrum. For the simple fact that I believe in God and unconditional protection of the unborn (that means Pro-Life) I am allegedly a proud member of the extreme right-wing radical contingent of the political spectrum. I am also a registered Republican. The fact of the matter is that one would be rather surprised to find out that I am much closer to being a centrist than an extremist. I actually hold a few strong viewpoints that would have some people out there accuse me of being a liberal. Here’s what I think. The loud and boisterous Hollywood elite are so far to the extreme left-wing of the political sprectrum that I can’t even see them. I think that President Obama appears to be a nice guy – but not a very good President that represents my views or even a majority of this nation’s views. I think that the Tea Party is an awesome movement. They are mainstream America as far as I’m concerned. Those who disagree with their viewpoints have simply hit the easy button by dismissing them as racists, hate mongers, and violence inciters. As a new follower of God over the past 44 months I have removed all hatred from my Life. It’s all about Love. Love thy neighbour. Is that so extreme ?  In this turbulent world – perhaps so.

III.  Modernization & Restoration – This is a frequently-utilized term where I work. It’s essentially any construction work that’s done on base under $30,000 that serves to modernize or restore a facility. My entire financial management job is based upon that concept. We have meetings throughout the week in which we discuss whether or not a job is M & R or not. Having stated that here at home while I have a few pockets that have recently been remarkably modernized or restored I am for the most part living like it’s 1988. I can best describe my living room as ‘Late-20TH Century Dorm Room Deco’. It’s just the way I like it dude – don’t be a hater. It’s hard to part with what I love. Nevertheless I have a revelation to make. This may shock and awe you to bits and pieces. Here we go. I’m interested in retiring my 2003-era cell phone with a brand new modern one made in 2010. I want one of them ‘3G’ / ‘4G’ deals in which I can surf the web and tweet anywhere with a full ‘QWERTY’ keyboard. I’m ready to upgrade soon. I don’t mind switching carriers either. I’ve been with T-Mobile since before they were T-Mobile. (They were originally Voicestream.) I’m actually thinking of switching to AT&T since I already have their U-Verse (HDTV + Internet). In fact the Motorola Backflip definitely intrigues me. I dig.

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