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Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– It’s time once again for my weekly montage of ‘Mini Thoughts’.
– They are spontaneous, and they are in your face in 15 words or less.
– It’s been a busy week at work after being away from my desk last week.
– It all culminated in back-to-back PowerPoint Presentations this morning.
– My weekend away from work commences at or before 4 PM tomorrow.
– My road trip mini vacation begins bright and early on Saturday morning.
– I plan to extensively use the Google Maps / GPS feature of my new phone.
– I also hope to take a bunch of cool pictures along the way.
– I’m looking forward to checking out Lake Okeechobee for the first time.
– Fort Pierce, Stuart, Jupiter, and Palm Beach – Be warned – I’m on my way !
– I also can’t wait to laugh hysterically to comedian Jim Gaffigan.
– It should be a lot of fun on the road this weekend.
– Be sure to follow me on Twitter for all of the breaking news on the road.
– This past Tuesday night I became an Uncle for the first time ever !
– My niece was born at 6:33 PM CDT / 7:33 PM EDT on the 20TH of April.
– She was born to my sister-in-law Christina and my little brother Danny.
– She weighed in at 7 pounds 12 ounces, and she was 20 inches in length.
– Here are some pictures of my gorgeous little niece – Taylor Lesley Day:

– 3 weeks from tonight I’ll be introducing myself to Taylor.
– It’s going to be very exciting watching her grow up through the years.
– I’m reserving my right as her Uncle to take her to the zoo at any time.
– In fact she’s not allowed to go to the zoo without me.
– That’s just the way it’s going to be.
– It’s going to be a sizzling hot weekend coming up.
– We could see mid-afternoon temperatures approaching the 90°F mark.
– It should be our hottest weather in about 6 months – since the end of Oct.
– Stay cool and be safe my friends in whatever you do.
– I’ll be back to blogging again next Tuesday night with the ‘Grab Bag’.