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My Fantastic Journey: It’s In The Lyrics

On this 66TH anniversary of ‘D-Day’ we look back at the allied forces family that landed on the beaches of Normandy France to attack the enemy. Today we are a free nation because of them.

66 years later we still have enemies lurking in the darkness. They are always trying to attack. They are always looking for weaknesses and vulnerabilities. But there’s strength in numbers – on both sides.

That’s why we as church families meet under steeples, in schools, in theatres, at parks, on beaches, in restaurants, and in each other’s homes on Sundays. That’s why we hang out with each other during the week. That’s why we actively participate in small groups in each other’s homes. That’s why we disciple to the world around us about how great God is. That’s why we bring the church inside, outside, and everywhere we go. That’s why we must always stay strong together with our faith in our Lord Almighty. That’s why we must never stop learning about Him. That’s why we must never stop growing on this fantastic journey.

If you wanna live Life loud – throw your hands up
If you wanna scream and shout – let me hear you
Taking all the fakers out – if you’re with me
Everybody work it – just keep living

It’s in the lyrics: