Welcome To The Weekend !

It’s 3 AM on this Thursday the 23RD day of May of 2019. That’s 3 AM here in South Florida U.S.A., so 8 AM in the U.K., 9 AM in South Africa, and 7 PM in New Zealand. Welcome aboard wherever you’re reading this from.

I kickoff most new weekends of blogging on Thursday at 3 AM my time, and this weekend is no different. It’s a holiday weekend here in the States – Memorial Day Weekend. Monday is Memorial Day where we honor those military personnel who died while serving their country in a time of war. I’ll have a special tribute to our fallen heroes this Monday here on my blog. That pushes my new Top 10 personal hit music chart back a day to Tuesday. So I’ve got 5 new blog posts for you this weekend in lieu of the usual 4 – starting with this one.

I’m staying in during this long holiday weekend – not going anywhere – staying out of traffic. It’ll be a sunny, dry, and hot weekend here in South Florida, so I just want to relax and enjoy my air conditioning. I’ll do my usual Bible study on Saturday, and I’ll hopefully finish writing my next sermon that I’ll preach titled “Pray & Believe”. I also want to get started on my next sermon after that. We’ll see where God takes me this weekend. Sometimes I think I know exactly what I wish to write, and then God leads me in an entirely different direction. That’s the Holy Spirit at work. I just want to go where He guides me.

I just ate a pear a few minutes ago, and it was absolutely delicious. I then Googled the health benefits of eating pears, and I found this article. I really need to buy and eat more pears. I need all of those health benefits. The results of my recent ultrasound are in. My liver, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts, and right kidney were all checked-out. There were 3 “impressions” or anomalies, but nothing to be overly concerned about. My liver is normal size, and it measures 13 centimeters in length. The “impression” there was a “minimal diffuse fatty liver”. If I improve my diet, exercise more, and lose a little weight then the fat can go away. More pears !

I’ve been eating smaller lunches at my desk at work, and then after that I’ve been using the 2ND-half of my lunch hour by walking it off – basically walking around the exterior grounds of my building. My Fitbit likes that. I’ve been walking about 0.6 to 0.7 miles in a nice casual walk after eating. Nothing too strenuous. In fact once I break a sweat I walk back inside. Today my walk after eating was 15 minutes – 3 minutes “peak”, 8 minutes “cardio”, and 4 minutes “fat burn”. My average heart rate was 130 BPM, and it peaked at 145 BPM. More exercise !

I think that most of you will agree with me that blogging peaked about 15 years ago during the mid-2000s (post-AOL and pre-Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). I started this blog in 2007 towards the end of my first year of salvation to begin a dialog online about the God I know. There’s a lot of hatred on social media today. It’s one of the main reasons why I returned to the WordPress community 16 months ago to get back into full-time blogging again. Many of you reading this blog host your own blogs. I know that because I visit them on a regular basis. Some of your blogs surely glorify our God. This is the LORD’s doing, and it is wonderful to see. Never be discouraged that you’re not getting enough visits, or likes, or comments. Keep blogging and writing about your life. Keep expanding God’s Kingdom – one blog post at a time.

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My Top 5 Hits RETRO – 1999

Every Friday night I post the Top 5 of one of my classic hit music charts based on personal preference and influenced by radio airplay from either 10, 20, or 30 years ago this weekend (rotating each week). Here it is – for the week ending Sunday May 16TH 1999:

  1. “The Hardest Thing” – 98°
  2. “I Want It That Way” – The Backstreet Boys
  3. “Livin’ La Vida Loca” – Ricky Martin
  4. “Special” – Garbage
  5. “That Don’t Impress Me Much” – Shania Twain

Good solid pop music back then – with Garbage being the anomaly.

I like to do this from time to time. Looking back at my checkbook register is a lot of fun. Back then I wrote a whole lot more checks than I do today. (The only checks I typically write today are my weekly tithes to my church.)

So 20 years ago this week I got paid. I got paid today too. My net pay back then was about 58.6% of what it was today. That’s good progress.

My telephone bill for a month of service 20 years ago was $52.85. Last weekend I paid $78.99. You may be thinking, “Why do you even have a telephone bill ?  It’s 2019 !” There are many logical reasons why I still have an “old-school” land-line telephone. I get very few telemarketing calls on my cell phone – because I rarely give out my cell phone number. I give out my longtime land-line number instead. The telemarketers call that number. I also live deep in the heart of hurricane country. During bad storms cell phone towers lose power, get damaged, or topple over. Most of our standard telephone lines are underground and operate continuously during and after hurricanes.

I paid my Chevron bill during this week 20 years ago. Gas was cheap back then – about $1.25 per gallon. It’s more than twice that amount today, but I’m not complaining about $2.70 per gallon. I remember when it was approaching $5 per gallon. I’m planning a road-trip in about 4 months from South Florida to North Texas and back. That’s about 3,000 miles. At $2.70 per gallon and about 42 miles per gallon with my car that’s a little less than $200 in gas. I got this !

You know 1999 was not that good of a year for me – privately and professionally. It was a rather forgettable year, or I’ve just chosen to forget about that year over time. The music of yesteryear brings back those memories – good and bad. As Shania said, “That Don’t Impress Me Much”. I feel the same about 1999.

It’s halftime my friends. I’ll be back on Sunday afternoon and Monday night with two more blog posts for this weekend. Enjoy your Saturday. Go make some good memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.

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Home Sweet Homestead

I’m back from vacation !  My 6-day / 590-mile / 14-county Florida road-trip has come to a close. My trek started in deep South Miami-Dade County (where my home is), and it continued northward through Broward, Palm Beach, Hendry, Glades, Highlands, and Polk Counties, westward into Hillsborough County (Tampa), southward through Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee, and Collier Counties, and then back into Miami-Dade County. I also came within a few feet of touching (mainland) Monroe County for a second.

It was a fun trip. I saw a couple of current movies, I did a little bit of shopping (didn’t buy anything), I ate a lot of good food, I walked over 60,000 steps (to burn-off that good food), I did a lot of sightseeing, I visited some historical museums and animal-based tourist attractions, I went to two Christian music concerts, and I spent a lot of time at the beach.

I saw and I did things that I had never seen or done before in my life. This was a classic vacation. I get to spend the near future reminiscing about the times I enjoyed via the 140+ photos and 1 video I captured during all of the fun.

The 1 video I captured is a spectacular 3½-minute video of this past Tuesday night’s sunset on Venice Beach Florida. The video captures the 3 minutes leading up to the sun dropping below the horizon at sea as well as the 30 seconds right after that moment. I intended to post that video in its entirety here on my blog, but I realized that I can’t upload videos on here with my current WordPress plan. The video is also about 1:10 too long for Twitter, so I’ll have to figure out how to trim it down to 2:20 for Twitter.

In the meantime here’s Monday night’s sunset at 8:05 PM EDT on Venice Beach.


From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets – the name of the LORD is to be praised. (Psalm 113:3 NIV)

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Annual Wellness Check

WELCOME to an all-new weekend here on my blog. I post new blog entries on Thursday mornings, Friday nights, Sunday afternoons, and Monday nights (U.S. East Coast time). My Thursday morning blog is a free-for-all. I usually have no idea what I’ll be blogging about until I let my fingers hit the keyboard of my traditional desktop computer system. Let’s see how this goes.

Last week I had labwork done at my doctor’s office as part of an annual wellness check. I guess that’s the fancy new millennial term for “annual physical”. The labwork included blood and urine (not holding anything back here), and it checked for lots of various conditions. Today I got the results. Here’s a synopsis:

Cologuard should be arriving soon at my front doorstep in a nice white box. You may have seen their commercials on TV. Basically it’s my very first colon check – done at home. (I’m 52, and I’m somewhat overdue.) I won’t explain Cologuard here in this blog post, for some of you may be eating right now. The TV commercial does a pretty good job at that. There’s also an excellent YouTube video of the process – and it’s rather graphic.

My LDL (bad) cholesterol was a bit high – 110. That’s the highest it’s been since 2012. My triglycerides were also high – 128. That’s the highest ever recorded. My total cholesterol was 188 – the highest since 2012. My doctor told me to double my current intake of Atorvastatin (10 mg.) from every other day to every day. Fantastic. No more guessing as to whether or not any given day is an “Atorvastatin Day”. I’ll also be doubling my intake of Vitamin D (1,000 IU) from every other day to every day.

My glucose (blood sugar level) came in high at exactly 100. It should be between 65 and 99. A 100 indicates “prediabetes” which I’ve had for at least the past decade. My hemoglobin A1C has ranged from 5.5 to 6.1 for the past decade (at least). This time it was right in the middle of that range at 5.8. I need to lose weight. My weight in the mid-180s is about 20 pounds too much for my height. I should weigh about 165. I really need to eat less, eat smaller meals, and eat more nutritious foods in my smaller meals. I personally think that 165 pounds is too light. I’d be ecstatic to drop to 175 pounds instead. My diet really needs to change.

Oh yeah ! – There’s one final anomaly. My liver enzymes are elevated. My “ALT” (Alanine Aminotransferase) is above the recommended level for the 3RD time in less than a year. My doctor told me to go to the local diagnostics center to get an ultrasound done of my liver. (I don’t think I’ve ever had an ultrasound done of anything.)

So there you go. That’s what I’m dealing with here towards the end of April of 2019 – just a little over a month shy of my 52ND birthday. I need to eat better (more fruits and vegetables) – and exercise more. Oh yeah ! – Black coffee is apparently good for me in many different ways, so I should continue on with that.

This week of April marks 11 years since I quit smoking cigarettes. (I started at a very early age.) I quit drinking alcohol almost exactly 11½ years ago. Both habits came to an end forever during my 2ND year of salvation. Jesus saves.

What’s for Lunch tomorrow ?

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Weekend Kickoff Mini-Thoughts

2 weeks ago I presented my Mini-Thoughts in 15 words or less. It worked out pretty good, so let’s do it again:

  • We had a late-season cold front move through South Florida yesterday.
  • We eked-out an afternoon high of 82°F.
  • It was very windy yesterday with gusts over 25 MPH inland.
  • We’re getting closer to our 5-month rainy season.
  • It starts on May 15TH and continues until October 15TH.
  • During those 5 months we get about 70% of our annual rainfall.
  • That’s usually about 4 to 5 feet (48 to 60 inches) of rain in 5 months.
  • It’s also mosquito season.
  • Depending on how I feel this Saturday morning when I awake I may walk.
  • This has been another inactive year for my dry season walks at the park.
  • I thought last season was pretty bad when I only walked 15.12 miles.
  • This season I’ve only walked 10.13 miles.
  • If I walk this Saturday morning I’ll try for 3 miles.
  • I typically walk a mile in 17½ minutes.
  • So I need to walk for at least 52½ minutes.
  • Queue my Fitbit !
  • This is Wrestlemania Weekend !
  • That’s right – I’m a big fan of the WWE.
  • I’ve been a fan since June of 2001.
  • Don’t judge.
  • This week is my 8TH Anniversary on Flickr.
  • It’s been an active past 4 months on Flickr.
  • I’ve uploaded and captioned over 180 new photos.
  • I hope to continue this activity this month.
  • My last 5 photos uploaded are always visible here on this web site.
  • They appear right below my last 5 tweets.
  • I drove 491 miles in March.
  • That was more than last August, September, October, and November.
  • Not sure I’ll beat that 491 miles in April.
  • I know I will in May.
  • I’m going on a 6-day road-trip that will total over 600 miles.
  • When this post goes LIVE I hope to be asleep.
  • That’s because this post goes LIVE at 3 AM U.S. East Coast time.
  • I should not be awake at 3 AM.
  • Thank You for reading these Mini-Thoughts.
  • I’ll probably do it again in a few weeks.
  • It’s a great post to write spontaneously when I have no other ideas.

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Weekend Kickoff Mini-Thoughts

Once upon a time during the early years of this blog one of my weekly features was the “Thursday Night Mini-Thoughts”. It’s where I got spontaneous, and I typed thoughts directly from my mind onto my keyboard in 15 words or less. I did 69 editions of these Mini-Thoughts from early-2009 to mid-2010, and it was a lot of fun while it lasted. I don’t plan to bring it back as a regular weekly feature, but here goes the 70TH edition:

  • It’s Spring y’all !
  • It began last night at 5:58 PM EDT.
  • The Sun is on our side of the Equator now !
  • It’s actually “chilly” here in South Florida.
  • We could feel wind chills in the upper-40s on Friday and Saturday mornings !
  • We may not even hit 80°F on Friday and Saturday !
  • I feel like going out and doing something fun out in the sun this Saturday.
  • I may visit the Fruit & Spice Park a few miles away.
  • It’s been almost 4 years since my last visit.
  • It’s a fun place to walk around and enjoy nature.
  • I’ll also take a narrated tram tour through the fruits and spices. #FreeSamples
  • If I get the call to preach this Sunday then those plans are out the window.
  • My brackets are busted.
  • Actually I have no idea how to fill out brackets for March Madness.
  • I also don’t watch or know much about College Basketball.
  • I’m a lifelong fan of the NFL.
  • It’s still a little over 4 months until NFL Preseason begins.
  • “Dr. Pimple Popper” is one of the top shows on TLC.
  • It’s on the same night / same time as “Toe Bro” – a doctor that works on toes.
  • There’s a lot of weird reality shows on cable TV nowadays.
  • I avoid most of them.
  • I do have a new Sunday night addiction though.
  • I watch the entire HGTV line-up of couples seeking and buying beach homes.
  • I’m looking to buy my retirement home in a few years.
  • It’ll be in Central Florida, but it won’t be at or near the beach.
  • It may be along the shores of a large lake though.
  • I need to find and see a dermatologist.
  • I’ve had red splotches on my face for the better part of the past year now.
  • It’s not really itchy, but it’s a bit unsightly.
  • Maybe I’m allergic to the bar soap that I use.
  • I may stop washing my face in the shower to see if it improves.
  • Well there you go – my “Mini-Thoughts” for this weekend.
  • I enjoyed doing this.
  • Maybe I’ll do it again next month.
  • This blog post goes online at 3 AM EDT (U.S. East Coast) on Thursday.
  • Thanks for making it through all 36 of these “Mini-Thoughts” !

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The Major’s Top 5 Hits RETRO – 1998

Every Friday night I post the Top 5 of one of my classic hit music charts based on personal preference from either 10, 20, or 30 years ago (rotating each week). Here it is – for the week ending Sunday November 08TH 1998:

  1. “Jump Jive An’ Wail” – Brian Setzer Orchestra
  2. “One Week” – Barenaked Ladies
  3. “Tearin’ Up My Heart” – ‘N Sync
  4. “Real World” – Matchbox 20
  5. “Thank U” – Alanis Morissette

As I look back at these classic hit music charts from 10, 20, and 30 years ago – I remember my life, and what I was doing as those songs played on the radio every 3 hours or less.

I often wonder what my life will be like, and what I will be doing, and where I will be doing it – 10, 20, and 30 years from now.

I was living and working in Homestead Florida 10, 20, and 30 years ago. In fact I’m still living in the same home as I was 10 and 20 years ago. My workplace is the same today as it was 10, 20, and 30 years ago. Only the music on the radio has changed over the years.

I probably won’t be here in Homestead Florida in 10 years. I’ll probably be retired, and living in a smaller and quieter town further north in South Central Florida.

I wonder if I’ll be blogging on here in 10 years ?  I was 10 years ago.

“The Major’s Top 5 Hits RETRO” returns in 3 weeks on Friday November 30TH 2018.

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