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My Fantastic Journey: It’s In The Lyrics

Every Sunday morning at the end of each service that I host at Life Pointe Church right after the connection cards and the tithe and offering envelopes have been collected by the ushers I say the following:

‘ As we prepare to leave this auditorium this morning let us go forth and bring the church in everything that we do and at everywhere that we go. Let us disciple to the world around us. But first – let us – as the church family – stand together as we recite the Benediction.’

{The Benediction follows.}

The end of the Benediction should not be the end of ‘church’ for another week. It should be the start. One of the first concepts that I discovered at the start of my fantastic journey is the fact that the church is not that auditorium – or that movie theatre – or that building down the street with the steeple on top of it. The church is our collective living breathing body of believers of Jesus Christ. We the people. We do not ‘go to church’, for we are the church.

Since we bring the church to that auditorium in that public movie theatre every Sunday morning we should then bring it out into the hallways – the main lobby – the parking lot – the streets of the city – the stores of the shopping centers – the homes of our neighbourhoods.

Whereever we are – that is where the church should be. Represent our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ well. Disciple to the world around us. Show them how God has radically changed our Life from where it once was.  Use words when necessary. Our actions speak louder than words. Our Father – who sees everything – will reward us.

I’m awake !  I’m alive !
Now I know what I believe inside !
Now !  It’s my time !
I’ll do what I want ’cause this is my Life !

Right here !  Right now !
Stand my ground and never back down !
I know what I believe inside !
I’m awake, and I’m alive !

It’s in the lyrics: