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The Major’s Weekend Blast-Off

The weekend has arrived, and for me it arrived 24 hours early this week due to Tropical Storm Bonnie. Looking ahead yesterday afternoon I had a feeling that this would be an unscheduled day off once the air base (where I work) drifted into panic mode. We always prepare for a worst case scenario on base, so if a Tropical Depression or a weak Tropical Storm is approaching our general region of the world then we prepare for a Category 1 Hurricane. If it’s a strong Tropical Storm then we react as if it’s a Category 2 Hurricane – and so forth – and so on. It may seem like overreacting – and it generally is – but we do so in a sincere effort to protect millions of dollars of military and government equipment and resources. We have an urgent responsibility to minimize any damage that Mother Nature could throw at us, and I think that we do a very good job at it.

Sometimes it’s not about the food. It’s about the company. This week my good friend Travis invited me out to Lunch at Chili’s, and I gladly accepted. We talked about a wide variety of great topics of interest big and small. I like hanging out with Trav. I also enjoyed my messy meal which consisted of – Bottomless Tostada Chips Served With House-Made Salsa, Shiner Bock BBQ Big Mouth Burger, Hot Homestyle Fries, Sprite. I dig.

– I’m really looking forward to this weekend safe and sound in my home.
– I hope to get a lot of work done – like filing piles of paperwork and such.
– I’m well known for my organizational skills, so I need to get there.
– Last weekend I was hidden in the woods and hills of Northwest Florida.
– I had to walk to the top of a hill just to get a hint of a data signal to my phone.
– I’m happy to be here at home where ‘3G’ and lightning fast wireless rules.
– It’s been a long time since I’ve been vacation-free in a single month.
– I have no plans to go anywhere exotic or otherwise during the month of Aug.
– 7 weeks – 49 days in a row of home life began last Sunday night.
– Last night I paid the first of my two annual home insurance premiums.
– It’s the one that covers everything except for wind.
– It went up 16% (outrageous) over the previous year.
– My other premium that covers everything for wind went up 4.4% (reasonable).
– Collectively I’ll be paying an average of $5.15 per day to insure my home.
– When I look at it that way it doesn’t look so bad at all.


It’s a full weekend of blogging for me. I’m kicking-off a former tradition from the years this weekend on the ‘Saturday Night Retro’. That’s right – it’s ‘The Awesome ’80s In August International Dance Party’, and it all starts with an electronic dance smash that was the absolute biz while I was a Senior in High School in 1985. Then on Sunday join me as I share my Life with you on ‘My Fantastic Journey: It’s In The Lyrics’. In the meantime enjoy your weekend, and play it safe my friends. Love one another.