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The Major’s Top 10 Hits – Week 60

  1. “Freedom Hymn” – Austin French [# 2 last week / 3RD week on chart]
  2. “I Just Need U.” – TobyMac [4 / 3RD]
  3. “No One Like Our God” – Lincoln Brewster [1 / 13TH]
  4. “Grace Got You” – MercyMe [- / 1ST]
  5. “What A Friend” – Matt Maher [9 / 3RD]
  6. “Gracefully Broken” – Matt Redman Ft. Tasha Cobbs Leonard [3 / 17TH]
  7. “No Matter What” – Ryan Stevenson Ft. Bart Millard [- / 1ST]
  8. “Come To The Table” – Sidewalk Prophets [6 / 10TH]
  9. “Resurrection Power” – Chris Tomlin [7 / 9TH]
  10. “Reckless Love” – Cory Asbury [8 / 3RD]

Austin French scores the 19TH # 1 smash of the rebirth of this personal weekly music chart. His “Freedom Hymn” debuted high on the chart (# 3) just 2 weeks ago. I like the story behind the song (which you can see on his web site).

It’s a great week for Bart Millard as he secures two new spots on the chart – with his own band (one of my favorites) – and with a dude he and his band have been on tour with recently (Ryan Stevenson). Both of those tunes sound very retro from decades gone by. Bart’s life story shown in “I Can Only Imagine” is on the verge of surpassing $70 million at the domestic box office. That’s 10 times its budget. It’s one of the highest-grossing faith-based movies of all-time !

Yesterday in Miami I attended the Greater Miami Youth For Christ annual fundraising dinner. It was my 4TH in a row since 2015. They always put on a great inspirational program that definitely glorifies God. It’s frustrating seeing teens today on the wrong side of the law – with no guidance and direction. It’s awesome to see the teens that have been adopted by the Youth For Christ family. They have bright futures on their journeys forward, and Christ will lead them every step of the way if they continue to believe in Him and follow His lead.

Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow Me – you won’t have to walk in darkness – because you will have the light that leads to life.” (John 8:12 NLT)

By Chris M. Day

I'm 55 years old. I've been online for the past 29 years - starting with my own dial-up bulletin board system in 1993 - and continuing with AOL, my own web site, Myspace, Wordpress, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook.