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The Major’s Top 10 Hits – Week 66

Every Monday night I post my all-new Top 10 Christian hit music chart based on personal preference. Here it is – for the week ending Sunday May 20TH 2018:

  1. “The Way (New Horizon)” – Pat Barrett [# 1 last week / 3RD week on chart]
  2. “Do It Again” – Elevation Worship [2 / 3RD]
  3. “What A Friend” – Matt Maher [3 / 9TH]
  4. “Grace Got You” – MercyMe [4 / 7TH]
  5. “No Matter What” – Ryan Stevenson Ft. Bart Millard [5 / 7TH]
  6. “All In” – Matthew West [6 / 3RD]
  7. “The Answer” – Jeremy Camp [- / 1ST]
  8. “Resurrection Power” – Chris Tomlin [9 / 15TH]
  9. “I Just Need U.” – TobyMac [7 / 9TH]
  10. “More Than Anything” – Natalie Grant [- / 1ST]

There’s no change this week to my Top 6, as all of the action starts at # 7. Jeremy Camp follows-up his # 1 smash “Word Of Life” with “The Answer”. A little more than 2 months after my salvation began in 2006 Jeremy was part of the rockin’ soundtrack of the earliest days of my fantastic journey with his track “Tonight”. It peaked at # 18 on my chart back then.

Chris Tomlin’s “Resurrection Power” appears to have just that. It actually rises back up a notch after spending the past 6 weeks in a row stalled at # 9. It’s by far the longest-running smash on my chart in its 15TH week.

Finally Natalie Grant’s “More Than Anything” enters my chart at # 10. If I produced a Top 20 or Top 25 chart every week it would’ve been on my chart for a few months by now. It’s been lurking beyond the Top 10 since pretty much the start of 2018. It’s currently in its 19TH week on the Billboard Christian Airplay chart. Sometimes I hear a new song on the radio, and it’s an instant out-of-the-box smash. (See this week’s Top 2.) Sometimes it takes a new song on the radio a few weeks or even a few months to grow on me to the point where I end up humming it over and over again. That’s what I’m finally doing now with “More Than Anything”; therefore, it’s made it into my Top 10 !

This concludes my 4 blogs this weekend. I’ll do it again this upcoming Thursday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday. I don’t blog on Saturdays. That’s my day of rest. Your likes, follows, and comments are always appreciated. Thank You for being part of my online ministry to win souls for Christ. He is “The Answer”, as He has “Resurrection Power” – “More Than Anything”. Amen.