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Christmas Tree 2018

This past Monday night my church family gathered together for 2 hours of fellowship, prayer, and pizza as we decorated our newly renovated sanctuary for Christmas. Atop our brand new stage stands our beautiful new(ish) Christmas tree with the multi-colored background. You saw a photo of our stage in midnight blue this past Sunday. Here it is in sunset red. We’ve also got garland, bows, and wreaths scattered all throughout the seating area.

One of my favorite aspects of being part of this small church family is that we are able to do this each year. We didn’t do this in my previous large church family – mostly because for 5 Christmas seasons our Sunday morning services were held inside a local movie theatre.

I don’t decorate for Christmas at all at home, and we won’t do so at the workplace either; although, an independent office in our building does have their own Christmas tree that they decorate. My family in Ohio (soon to be Texas) puts up the Christmas tree during the first or second week of November – just before my arrival each year – so I’m not part of that process either. (We celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas in one fun-filled week.)

Being with my church family for those 2 hours each year to create the Christmas spirit in our sanctuary ranks up there as 2 of my favorite hours of the year. I wouldn’t replace that fellowship with anything. The love is there with my brothers and sisters of my church family. Our Worship Pastor Ben said it best on our Facebook wall – “The Love of Jesus is in this place, and is apparent by the love we share with one another.” AMEN.

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