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Final Weekend Of 2018

Greetings Readers !  It’s the start of the final weekend of 2018 here on my blog, and I’m going out with a bang. I’ve got 5 new blog posts for you (starting with this one). Tomorrow night I’ll go #Retro back to the final weekend of 2008. Saturday is my day of rest. On Sunday I’ll present my normal “Sunday Scripture”. On Monday it’s my final Top 10 music chart of the year. On Tuesday (New Year’s Day) I’ll kickoff 2019 with a special bonus blog post featuring my Top 18 hits of 2018.

So keep checking-in to this blog for all-new material including new tweets and photos. My active Twitter and Flickr feeds (last 5 tweets and last 5 photos respectively) can be seen along the right-side panel on the web site edition of this blog at

In addition to my 5-blog-post weekend I also plan to (need to) get back into the sermon-writing business. December was not a very good month for me in this area of my ministry. I preached my 12TH sermon of the year back on Sunday December 02ND. I actually wrote much of it while on vacation in Ohio in November. I also wrote about half of my next sermon that I plan to preach. That’s pretty much where the forward momentum stalled. I need to complete my half-written sermon – tentatively titled “Now & Later”, but I may change it to “Present & Future” based on its recurring theme. Once I get that sermon completed, enhanced, and finalized I need to do a quick turnaround and write my next sermon after that. So let me get me started with all of that instead of merely blogging about it !

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