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Today at my church I preached a sermon titled “Gloom & Despair”. It’s actually the resurrected remains of an early sermon (one of my first 10) that I wrote in 2017. It sat on my computer all this time as God led me in other directions and placed different messages on my heart.

When deciding on an appropriate sermon to preach to my church family it must be the right sermon at the right time. If it’s not then I ask God for guidance and direction. I ask Him to lead the way for me to discern what I and my brothers and sisters need to hear to get closer to God in the current environment.

Today “Gloom & Despair” was the right sermon at the right time.

At the end of my sermon I read the 150TH Psalm. I read part of each verse, and my church body repeated it after me:

Praise the LORD !  [REPEAT]
Praise God in His sanctuary. [REPEAT]
Praise Him in His mighty heaven !  [REPEAT]
Praise Him for His mighty works. [REPEAT]
Praise His unequaled greatness !  [REPEAT]
Praise Him with a blast of the ram’s horn. [REPEAT]
Praise Him with the lyre and harp !  [REPEAT]
Praise Him with the tambourine and dancing. [REPEAT]
Praise Him with strings and flutes !  [REPEAT]
Praise Him with a clash of cymbals. [REPEAT]
Praise Him with loud clanging cymbals. [REPEAT]
Let everything that breathes sing praises to the LORD !  [REPEAT]
Praise the LORD !  [REPEAT]

We must recommit ourselves to Christ daily. We can’t let a day go by without praising the Lord. And that Psalm right there – the 150TH and final Psalm – is a wonderful ending to the entire book of Psalms that confirms the greatness of our God. If you’re ever struggling with words in your prayers to God – just read out loud Psalm 150.

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