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This weekend marks my 10TH Anniversary on Twitter. I created my account just before 9 PM EDT on August 17TH 2009 (a Monday), and I posted my first tweet as follows:

Yeah. That’s right. I’m on Twitter now. I surrender to the hottest web site in the universe.

As all of my friends at the time were ranting and raving about how great Facebook was – I ignored them and I went to Twitter instead. Unlike nearly everyone I know who started on Facebook and then discovered Twitter – I was on Twitter for over 3½ years before I finally caved-in to peer pressure, created a Facebook account, and began posting over there. This blog – created on Myspace and continued here on WordPress – was actually resurrected on Facebook before returning here on WordPress in January 2018.

So back to Twitter where I’ve been for 10 continuous years – longer than any other form of social media. Last weekend I posted my 8,000TH tweet, so that’s an average of 800 tweets per year, or more than 2 per day. I tweet less nowadays, and I’m far more careful about what I tweet compared to 10 years ago. Actually I use Twitter mostly to promote this blog. With every new blog post published a tweet is automatically generated to the #Twitterverse.

Want to see what I’m tweeting about ?  You don’t have to look far. If you’re reading this blog post online at – then simply glance over to the right-hand side of your computer or device screen. You’ll see the last 5 tweets I’ve posted. If you’re already on Twitter then you can follow me @ChrisMDay.

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