Box Office Summer

IN A YEAR – when I’ll see less movies at the box office than any previous year since 2010 – I’ve actually seen 5 movies this summer (up from 4 last summer). In previous years I’ve seen 8 movies (2017), 9 movies (2016), 12 movies (2015), and 14 movies (2014) during the summer months (June, July, and August). Clearly I’ve been too busy seeing and doing other things this summer (and last summer) than spending time in movie theatres.

This summer I saw (in order) “Ma“, “Crawl“, “Spider-Man: Far From Home“, “Yesterday“, and “The Art Of Racing In The Rain“.

IN A WORD – I can describe each movie respectively as – creepy, campy, cool, creative, and captivating. I rated all of them (aside from “Crawl”) as 4 stars (“A+”, “A”, or “A-“). “Crawl” was a bit too campy for me. Campy can be good, but this one just didn’t try hard enough. It was also utterly unrealistic.

I plan to add a 6TH movie to my list this Friday. I plan to see the current faith-based movie “Overcomer” – which is surprising pundits with its box office success thus far (over $10 million). I’m looking forward to its encouragement and inspiration at the box office. I’ll write about it this weekend on my “Sunday Scripture” blog post.

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By Chris M. Day

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