My Top 5 Movies – 2019

Last year I managed to see 20 movies at various theatres in Florida and Texas. That’s the least amount of movies seen at the theatres in a full decade – since 2010. It’s way down from the average of 36 movies seen per year between 2012 and 2017. (That includes a record high of 43 in 2015.) The steep downward trend (of the past two years) can be attributed to a lack of quality product that interests me, and the fact that I’ve been busier at work and busier at home when I’m not at work.

Out of the 20 movies seen in 2019 I rated 14 of them as a perfect 4.0 stars. I rated 5 movies as 3.5 stars (the equivalent of a “B” letter grade). 1 movie got only 3.0 stars – “Long Shot“. It was rated as my worst movie of the year.

So how about my Top 5 movies of 2019:

  1. A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood
  2. Richard Jewell
  3. “Ben Is Back”
  4. Breakthrough
  5. Yesterday

Just below my Top 5 – a couple of honorable mentions – “The Art Of Racing In The Rain” and “Knives Out“.

Here’s hoping that 2020 is a better year at the movies for my personal tastes. I actually enjoy sitting in a movie theatre and watching a movie including all of the commercials and previews before the movie – despite the annoying things that other moviegoers do.

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