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My Fantastic Journey: It’s In The Lyrics

13 years ago this week The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus debuted on my chart with their breakthrough smash that was huge here in the U.S. – and also in New Zealand of all places. It was a Top 5 pop smash in New Zealand !

Here in the U.S. it was a multi-format crossover smash – huge at pop, mainstream rock, alternative rock, and Christian rock stations from coast-to-coast. It was a # 1 smash at Christian rock, and it hit # 5 on my chart at the time (which skewed Christian rock).

It tells the story of a young woman who is the victim of domestic violence in her home.

♫ Do you feel like a man – when you push her around ?
Do you feel better now, as she falls to the ground ?
Well I’ll tell you my friend – one day this world’s got to end
As your lies crumble down – a new life she has found ♫

Here’s its official music video – with over 79 million views over the past 11 years on YouTube:

♫ A pebble in the water makes a ripple effect
Every action in this world will bear a consequence
If you wait around forever you will surely drown
I see what’s going down ♫

You abuse anyone or anything, and you’ll have to answer to God in the end. It’s in the lyrics.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are still recording, performing, and touring in 2020. They’ve been together since they formed in Clay County Florida in 2003.

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