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Small Group The Movie

Welcome to a fresh new weekend of good old-fashioned blogging here at #CountUp – where weekends always start on Thursdays !

This past Monday I streamed a wonderful movie via Amazon Video. It’s called “Small Group The Movie”. It’s about a guy and his wife who join a small group within a large church, but all is not what it seems. I won’t reveal much more about this movie, but it is full of laughs (a lot of insider church humor), drama, even action (some of it scary), and most importantly – God’s Grace, Mercy, and Truth. There are a lot of twists and turns in this movie, and I was attentive – even riveted at times – all throughout it.

As a member of various small groups for about 8 years at my first large church – it brought back fond memories of that experience. I could relate to the tongue-in-cheek humor of it all. I was also reminded of its importance as part of this fantastic journey.

I started receiving sponsored / targeted ads on Facebook for this movie a few days ago, and my interest in it was immediately piqued. I had never heard of it before the ads, but as it turns out this movie was actually in a few select theaters way back in October 2018 ! Now it’s available digitally or via DVD. (I actually rented it via Amazon for $4.99.)

You can check out more about this movie – and watch the trailer as well as a half-dozen movie clips – at their web site – You can also check them out on Facebook.

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