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2,000 Miles

This past Sunday afternoon as I was driving through the main entrance of my neighborhood following church service and church fellowship at Red Lobster I hit 2,000 on my odometer of my new car – in my 178TH day of driving it.

I previously hit 1,000 miles in my 116TH day, so it took me 62 days to drive the next 1,000 miles. That’s an average of a little more than 16 miles per day over these past 62 days.

I’ll reach 3,000 miles even faster than that. In fact I should do it in a little more than half that time. I’m forecasting the 3,000-mile mark on or around The Ides Of March (15TH).

I won’t be doing any driving in that area in the photo. We don’t have snow-capped mountains here in South Florida, and the “mountains” that we do have a couple hundred miles north of here along the narrow spine of peninsular Florida (the Lake Wales Ridge) only rise to about 200 to 300 feet above sea level. I’ll be driving along the southernmost portion of that spine during the next 1,000 miles.

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