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My Spring Break 2021 Road-Trip

5 weeks ago (5 Thursdays ago) I returned home from my Spring Break 2021 Road-Trip. It was a fun 5-day adventure traversing 624 miles through the 10 South and Central Florida counties of Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, Okeechobee, Highlands, Hardee, Glades, Hendry, and Collier. I also barely touched Monroe County, and I saw its many islands.

Last Thursday I wrote on Day 5 – my final 202 miles from Lake Placid southward to Immokalee to Everglades City to Chokoloskee, and then back home to Homestead after 100½ hours on-the-road.

Here’s an interesting fact about this road-trip: It’s the first road-trip ever that I used Google Maps (on my iPhone) to guide me. I used it from start to finish – even when I knew exactly where I was going. It’s got a handy feature on there that tells you the exact time that you’ll be arriving at your destination based on your current driving. It also gives the number of miles remaining to get there. (I used to write everything down in advance on previous road-trips.)

Needless to say I’ll be using Google Maps on all future road-trips. I didn’t realize it did so much.

It was fun to plan this road-trip, and it was fun to actually experience what I planned (along with a few places that I did not plan). It was also fun to blog about it and share it with you over this past month of Thursdays.

How about an encore ? I’m ready to do it all over again !

And so now I’m proud to announce the 3 destinations of my next road-trip:

It’ll be a 4-day road-trip to Stuart, Fort Pierce, and Vero Beach along the Treasure Coast of Florida.

I’ve driven through Stuart, but I haven’t really visited the area before. The last time I spent any quality time in Fort Pierce was about 11 years ago. And Vero Beach I’ve only driven thru (really fast on the Interstate – a few decades ago).

So I’ll be visiting lots of new and exciting places in these 3 areas from northern Martin County through St. Lucie County to southern Indian River County (right along the immediate Atlantic coastline). I’ll be spending 3 nights at a hotel in Vero Beach. This is actually a road-trip that I had previously planned in 2018, but I canceled it because I ended-up going on another (work-related) road-trip to Middle Georgia.

Once I return from this upcoming road-trip I should have lots of fun memories to blog about for a month of Thursdays after.

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