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No Foolin’

Greetings my friends worldwide. Welcome to the start of a fresh new weekend of blogging here at #CountUp. Weekends always start early on Thursday mornings here on this blog, and they end early on Monday mornings with 4 new blog posts in-between. New posts are published at 3 AM U.S. East Coast time on Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays, and Mondays.

This blog continues to expand globally from the Atlantic shores of North America, across the sea into Europe, Africa, Asia, and down under into Australia and New Zealand. I am thankful for all of you who follow this blog and check it out each weekend. Some of you come for the travel adventures on Thursdays. Some appreciate the music of yesteryear on Fridays. Many come to receive God’s Word and get closer to Him with each new Sunday Scripture. On Mondays many of you love to discover those new songs on the radio that praise and worship Christ.

I’ll continue to produce new blog posts for you 4 times per week / 200 times per year.

It is Thursday April Fools Day 2021, and there’s no foolin’ here. Can you believe that we are now in the 4TH month of 2021 ? This year is flying by (unlike last year) when we were all homebound with no place to go and an uncertain future. It’s good that many of us are getting back to a more normal life now. I’m fortunate to be a Floridian. We’ve pretty much been open for business and back to normal since last summer.

Well it wouldn’t be Thursday here on this blog without some travel news. I’ve got my Treasure Coast Of Florida road-trip (announced last Thursday) all planned-out for the near future. I’ll also be visiting North Texas twice later this year – via air and via car. That’s a 3,000-mile road-trip via car. I’ll also visit the Gulf Coast of Southwest Florida later this year during a much shorter road-trip. In 2020 I only drove 6,395 miles. This could be an 11,000-mile year for me. It’s good to get out there on the open road and see and discover Florida and beyond !

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