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Sunday Scripture

Greetings my friends. It is Sunday January 22ND 2023, and this is the day that our LORD has made. Let us rejoice. Let us be glad in it. Let us celebrate this great new day of believing, following, trusting, loving, and being more like our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Let us love our neighbor as ourself.

This morning begins my 17TH year of being part of a church family. Yesterday morning was actually the 16TH anniversary of the first time that I ever walked into a church (occupying our local movie theatre) to attend a Sunday morning church service. That was about 15 minutes before 10 AM on Sunday January 21ST 2007. That was a bold move on my part. It was a God-led move. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know how it would go. I was nervous. I was a bit scared. My life had changed forever just 5 months prior when I was rescued and saved by my Lord + Savior Jesus Christ. I was now taking that next big step forward to get closer to God and invite other likeminded people onto my fantastic journey.

I decided during those first 15 minutes that the church family that I chose was the right church family for me going forth. They were my church family for the next 8 years.

Ever since that first Sunday morning 16 years ago I haven’t missed many Sunday morning services. This morning I look forward to the start of Year 17.

I now continue presenting my New Year’s Day sermon in its original written form. It’s based on the Matthew West song of late-2019 / early-2020 – “The God Who Stays”. Here’s Part 2:

But – we had – and we have – and we will always have – the God who stays.

As the lyrics of the song start:

If I were You – I would’ve given up on me by now
I would’ve labeled me a lost cause
‘Cause I feel just like a lost cause

You see our God – our God – He accepts everyone. He rejects no one. He gives up on no one. None of His creations are lost causes.

You know there’s a lot of people out there – people we know and people we don’t know – colleagues and acquaintances – friends and coworkers – even family members – who truly believe and are convinced that they are a lost cause – as far as being accepted by our God – as far as eternity with Him. But Chris you don’t understand what I’ve done. I’ve done horrible things. I’ve hurt and destroyed people. I’ve committed crimes against humanity. Your God doesn’t want me. Your God can’t use me. Your God hates me !

You know whose job it is to try to convince them otherwise ?  It’s our job. That’s right – you and me. We’re God’s priests. All of us. We’re God’s preachers. All of us. It’s our job to show those people out there a better way. It’s a great way – to show them the love of God.

If I were you – I would’ve turned around and walked away
I would’ve labeled me beyond repair
‘Cause I feel like I’m beyond repair

You know who turns around and walks away ?  The people out there. Hey even Christians turn around and walk away at times. We are flawed – just like them. But not our God. Our God walks to us. He never walks from us. Even before we were rescued and saved – our God was walking to us. Our problem was that – we kept walking away from Him – over and over again. And then He rescued and saved us when we couldn’t go any further. And we repented. We turned around. We turned from sin, and we walked to Him.

If you wish to learn more about the God I know then stay tuned to #SundayScripture. The best is yet to come !

Thank you for reading my blog for this day, and may:

The LORD bless you, and keep you.
The LORD make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you.
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. AMEN.

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By Chris M. Day

I'm almost 56 years old. I've been online for 30 years - starting with my own dial-up bulletin board system in 1993 - and continuing with AOL, my own web site, Myspace, WordPress, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook.