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Sunday Scripture

Greetings my friends. It is Sunday March 19TH 2023, and this is the day that our LORD has made. Let us rejoice. Let us be glad in it. Let us celebrate this great new day of believing, following, trusting, loving, and being more like our Lord + Savior Jesus Christ. Let us love our neighbor as ourself.

That day finally happened. I got the long-anticipated news last Monday at around lunchtime. Final walkthrough of my new home would occur on Wednesday afternoon, and final closing would occur the next day. I would be handed the keys to my new home by the sellers (husband and wife) on that Wednesday afternoon, and informal turnover would occur right then and there. In other words – I could start moving-in, live, and sleep in my new home on that very first night prior to final closing. And so – I did just that. I shall remember that date forever – March 15TH 2023 – my first night in my retirement / forever home !

Fun Fact: My first night in my longtime Homestead home was June 13TH 1995, and it was 2 days prior to my official move-in date.

For every house has a builder, but the one who built everything is God. (Hebrews 3:4 NLT)

I got to settle-in to my new home over the next 3 days. This morning I’m doing what I plan to do for most Sunday mornings for the rest of this year, and that is to drive southward from my new home to my old home. It’s 183 miles to my Sunday morning home – my church family of the past 8 years and 1 week.

You know I’ve told my church family this often during sermons and at other times. My “prayer room” is my car. I do my most effective praying while driving – especially long distances. I pray for my family in Texas. I pray for my church family in Homestead. I pray for my coworkers in Homestead. I pray for everyone driving around me along U.S. 27 and S.R. 997. I pray for the whole world. I pray silently. I pray out loud. And as I pray – the scenery along both sides of the highway plays out in living color before my eyes. That’s God’s scenery. It’s His beauty. There’s an abundance of it along that mostly rural “countryside” 183-mile drive from new home to Sunday morning home. I’ll be ready to celebrate my Lord + Savior Jesus Christ with my church family after that 3-hour and 20-minute drive.

Your eyes will see the king in all his splendor, and you will see a land that stretches into the distance. (Isaiah 33:17 NLT)

If you wish to learn more about the God I know then stay tuned to #SundayScripture. The best is yet to come !

Thank you for reading my blog for this day, and may:

The LORD bless you, and keep you.
The LORD make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you.
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. AMEN.

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