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No More Vacations

And now on #TravelThursday – something a bit different. For the past 19 weeks in a row I’ve been writing about 4 vacations that I experienced in November, January, March, and April. Well – I have no more vacations to write about. As I told some coworkers of mine last week – I am all vacationed out. This is the time of the year where I just need to settle in, relax at home, go to work, relax at home, go to work, etc., and accumulate new vacation time. Oh – and also write blog posts and sermons. I’ll be here for the long run. I’m not going anywhere for about 5½ months.

I was actually planning yet another vacation for early-June starting with my birthday. I considered another Carnival cruise to the Caribbean, and I also considered various short road-trips here in South Florida and over to Southwest Florida (Gulf Coast). Hotel rates are running much higher than normal – even for low season which we’re getting ready to enter. I think a lot of hotels are charging up to double (or more) what they’ve charged during previous low seasons (pre-COVID) – mostly because they can – because demand is high. Hotels lost a lot of money in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID, and now they are making their money back.

So #TravelThursday returns to its original format where I write about places I’ve been to before – not necessarily while on vacation. I’ll also write about places I’d like to visit – either again or for the first time. I’ll also write about some potential visits to some of our own local tourist attractions here in South Florida. I realized that I haven’t been to ZooMiami in 5 years, and Biscayne National Park in 6 years, and Vizcaya in 10 years.

Maybe I’ll take a quick day trip or two down into the Florida Keys – perhaps Marathon (about 70 to 75 miles from where I live). I already have a potential schedule of places to visit for 2 days of fun and food in Marathon including an overnight stay at a hotel.

Well – whatever happens – either virtually or physically – we’ll have some fun here on #TravelThursday. Let’s keep traveling together.

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Saturday Night Retro

Saturday October 16TH 2010
Volume 3 / Number 6 / Edition 103

11 years ago back in October and November of 1999:
The Shops At Sunset Place was the hottest new joint to hang out.
AOL released Version 5.0, and the entire free nation celebrated.
– Moviegoers were blown away by “American Beauty”.
– The population of the world reached 6 billion.
– The Yankees swept the Braves 4 games to 0 to win the World Series again.
– EgyptAir Flight 990 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean killing all 217 on board.
– “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” skyrocketed to the top of the TV ratings.
– Exxon and Mobil combined to become ExxonMobil.
– The world prepared for the upcoming uncertainty that was Y2K.

1999 was certainly a party year as we ushered the end of a year, a decade, a century, and even a millennium. Even Prince made a big deal out of 1999 some 17 years earlier. He knew that it was gonna be big – and memorable. A lot of great party music came out in 1999. It was certainly a year to get up and dance !

Here’s the 1999 techno dance remix of the classic 1968 Steppenwolf track “Magic Carpet Ride”:

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The Major’s Weekend Blast-Off

It’s the 4TH weekend of the month of August of the year 2010, and we are here to kick it off with this weekend’s much-anticipated edition of the ‘Blast-Off’. It actually felt weird working all day today since I enjoyed half of yesterday off. I spent some quality time up at The Falls Shopping Center. It’s where I grew up. It’s the single place here in South Florida that I’ve been going to longer and more frequently than any other place (other than my workplace). I remember strolling through The Falls as a young lad of 21 and 22 back in the late-1980s. Nearly a quarter of a century later I feel right at home at that occasionally jumpin’ joint. I don’t feel that way at various other shopping centers and malls. But The Falls has that ‘something special’ feel to it. It’s not perfect. They are missing a book store, a music store, and some more fine dining establishments. The movie theatre there is definitely showing its old age, but then again it’s still much nicer (and surely more modern) than our own 4½-year-old movie theatre here in Homestead. The Falls. I belong. Happy 30TH Anniversary !

P.F. Chang’s – I dig this jumpin’ joint. I don’t get to eat there very often, but I always enjoy every visit. On Thursday (at The Falls location) I enjoyed the hot egg drop soup, the tasty beef with broccoli lunch bowl (with brown rice), and for the grande finale – the scrumptious banana spring rolls. I’m talkin’ 6 warm and crispy banana bites with coconut-pineapple ice cream that’s drizzled with caramel and vanilla sauces. Yeah !  Come On !

– New and rewarding opportunities will soon develop for you.
– A small gift can bring joy to the whole family.

‘Yeah get used to record cold and record hot and droughts and floods and tornadoes and hurricanes and earthquakes. It’ll be like that from now on because of global warming / climate change.’


TOMORROW on an all-new ‘Saturday Night Retro’ I’ll take you back with me to the end of the 1980s and the last-half of 1989 here in the land of the 3-0-5. Find out what I was doin’ one Friday night – downtown with Julie Brown. After that the blogging continues next weekend on Friday and Saturday night with more ‘Blast-Off’ and ‘Retro’. In-between the blogging it’s the tweeting. You can follow me @majorhitwaves. Have a wonderful weekend my friends !

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Thursday Night Mini Thoughts

– It’s time for another collection of ‘Mini Thoughts’ on this night before Friday.
– Whenever I compile these I know that the weekend is not too far away.
– I’ve got one more work day to go, and then 63 hours of weekend fun begins.
– Next week will be a short 3½-day work week for me.
– That’s because I’m going on vacation again next Thursday afternoon.
– It’s all part of my new master plan for 2010 and beyond.
– I don’t want to be more than a month away from my next vacation.
– So far it’s working out swell like that.
– This has been a rough and tough past several days for me.
– The nonsense started on Sunday morning when I woke up in a sweat.
– My A.C. was blowing out warm and tropical outside air.
– A power surge allegedly blew out the wiring of my A.C. up in the ceiling.
– Upon further investigation it also blew out my compressor outside.
– A new compressor had to be shipped in from the Fort Myers area.
– After more than 72 hours my A.C. crew finally got everything working.
– This morning I awoke in my own bed with temperatures in the mid-70s.
– During the ordeal I slept here at home in the heat for one night.
– I slept another night at an undisclosed cheap motel in Homestead.
– I slept a final night at the luxurious new Hampton Inn in Homestead.
– Lesson Learned:  Don’t think twice about it – check in to the Hampton Inn.
– That place – like most Hampton Inns I’ve stayed at – was truly amazing !
– You will spend more money to stay there, but I think it’s definitely worth it.
– Speaking of money I’ve lost a lot of it over the past couple of weeks.
– The stock market is currently on a psychotic bender.
–  As of this morning I had lost 3.3% of my retirement savings since its peak.
– Today alone I’ve lost at least another 3.3% on top of that.
– This will probably go down as the worst two weeks combined in over a year.
– I’m in it for the long haul, and I must keep reminding myself of that.
– Nashville Tennessee has been devastated by unprecedented flooding.
– It was caused by nearly two feet of rain in just two days.
– It’s considered to be a 1,000-year catastrophe.
– People have died, and buildings have been damaged and destroyed.
– The Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center is closed indefinitely.
– It sustained millions of dollars of damage and destruction.
– Check out this video: 

– Please pray for the residents of this wonderful part of our free nation.
– Help them in any possible way that you can.
– I’ve been to Nashville just once in my life – about 20 years ago.
– I picked up my little brother from Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama.
– We went on a nice road trip from there through much of Tennessee.
– We climbed the Great Smoky Mountains along U.S. 441.
– We visited Atlanta Georgia for the first time ever.
– It’s one of our most memorable and enjoyable vacations ever.
– I will return to visit Nashville again – and hopefully visit friends too.