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Saturday Night Retro

I was a TOP 40 radio music fanatic for over 30 years through the entirety of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. I invested a lot of time in it as a hobby, and it built a once popular web site that eventually evolved into this blog.

As I look back at the past decade – the first decade of the new millennium – I look back at how I strayed from the mainstream TOP 40 music genre. For two years from the start of 2002 through the start of 2004 I was heavily into the ‘pure dance’ scene (European-style trance, techno, and house music). It was all about the beats-per-minute and going faster. Following a 2½-year stint back with my TOP 40 roots from the Spring of 2004 until the Summer of 2006 I discovered another fringe genre of music – Christian Rock. It coincides with my continuing (and everlasting) 43½-month fantastic journey thus far. This music is all about my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.

But I’m not listening to the Christian Rock music 24-7. Over the past year or so I’ve really taken this ‘Retro’ concept to the extreme. I’m now a 1970s music fanatic. I listen to ‘70s On 7‘ exclusively on Sirius | XM at home, and I’ve also been known to crank-up my car stereo as loud as can be to South Florida’s Majic-102.7 and Big-105.9. I’ve really developed quite a liking for the music that I grew up to as a 2-year-old toddler to a 12-year-old pre-teenager. It is the music of my life, and it brings back memories of a much more simpler time of my life. While I had a lot of fun during the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s my most vivid memories (good and bad) remain with the 1970s. The music of the times help me to look back at where I came from – and compare it to where I am today.

I’m really developing a fresh new appreciation for some of the greatest artists and acts of the 1970s including some that I didn’t really care too much for back then as a kid. One such act is the Electric Light Orchestra. They were a hit music producing machine back in the day, and they are frequently played on the aforementioned ’70s On 7′. Here’s one of their hits from 1976 that sounds so awesome 34 years later that it’s on my iPod Shuffle that I play daily in the background at work. It’s “Livin’ Thing”, and it could possibly be a song that celebrates Life – particularly Life in the mother’s womb. It’s unborn to the world, but it’s a livin’ thing. It’s a terrible thing to lose.

This concludes another week of blogging for me. I’m taking the next couple of days off, but you can always follow me on Twitter. I’ll be back on Tuesday night with an all-new edition of my weekly ‘Grab Bag O’ Thoughts’. Until then my friends – keep your feet on the ground – and keep reaching for the stars. (Thank You Casey Kasem for all of your contributions through the years.)