Saturday Night Retro

23 years ago this week on the 19TH of May of 1987 me and a friend traveled from our airbase near Fairford Gloucestershire England eastward to the bright lights and big city of London where we saw Duran Duran LIVE in concert at the Wembley Arena. Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, and Nick Rhodes brought their “Strange Behaviour” world tour there to accompany their hit album at the time “Notorious”. It was 1 of 19 LIVE concerts that I attended with friends during my two years of living in the United Kingdom.

I consider 1987 to be one of the greatest and most memorable years of my early life. It was all about the music back then – the music on the radio – the music at the concerts. It was the greatest year of music of my life at the time during a year in which I fondly look back at as being simply smashing and very British.

This was one of the most memorable (for me) and biggest commercial hits of the year in 1987 – a # 1 gold-certified HI-NRG dance smash from sisters Mel and Kim. It had the entire European continent dancing in unison – including a rather young not quite 20-year-old Chris M. Day. It’s “Respectable”, and it’s ‘Retro’:

Saturday Night Retro

During the Summer of 1987 United Kingdom Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was reelected for a 3RD term in a landslide majority, U.S. President Ronald Wilson Reagan urged Soviet Union Premier Mikhail Gorbachev to ‘tear down this wall’ (in Berlin West Germany), Earth’s population reached 5 billion people, over 30 million people watched “The Cosby Show” every Thursday night on NBC-TV, Guns N’ Roses released their debut album “Appetite For Destruction”, and 20-year-old A1C Chris M. Day was loving the London England nightlife with friends and seeing lots of pop concerts featuring Duran Duran, Genesis, and Madonna.

On the radio young Australian pop-rockers Pseudo Echo enjoyed the limelight with their biggest International smash ever. It’s their Summer of 1987 remake of the Summer of 1980 Lipps Inc. Disco smash “Funkytown” which was featured last night on the ‘Disco Party’.

This concludes another week of blogging for me. Sundays and Mondays are my days off on here, but the tweets just keep on coming. You can follow me on Twitter at majorhitwaves. I’ll be back LIVE on Tuesday night with another edition of my ‘Grab Bag O’ Thoughts’. Have a great weekend everyone !